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well you are not married this is a plus, are you in a abusive relationship? there are all kinds of resources for you. you can talk with a lawyer for free to find out your options. Since you are not married to the person, even though he is the biological father, you have totally custody of her. Therefore he cannot keep you from moving and taking your daughter with you. He would have to prove he is the father, file a petition in court for custodial rights. The laws in all states presume an unwed mother to retain sole custodial/parental rights to her child until a court rules otherwise or she voluntarily relinquishes them. If necessary you can enlist the assistance of the local police department to help you leave the residence with your and the child's belongings. If there is a dispute, the police will allow you to take necessary items (clothing, toys medicine, personal documents, etc.) all other issues will have to be settled in court.

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Q: What are your options if you have a 2-year-old daughter with your boyfriend and have lived with him for the entire 2 years and you want to move out and take your daughter but he will not let you?
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