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Same as if it is in purrfect condition. You pay the difference betwen what you owe and what it sells for.

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Q: What are your options if you volunteer to return a car that needs more repairs than what it is worth in the state of Florida?
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What are car return laws in Massachusetts?

You are protected under the lemon laws in Massachusetts. You can return a car for repairs or money back if repairs have not been met within 7 days of purchase.

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Is there a 3 day return law on returning a car in Florida?

No there is no 3 day return law for returning a car in Florida. If the car was sold using deceptive practices then it may be possible to return it.

How many days can you return a new car purchased in Florida?

Zero.. there is no return policy

In Florida can you return a used car in 72 hours?

In Florida, the allow allows consumers to return a used car within 72 hours. The contract must be cancelled within 3 days with the return of the car.

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Can you return a new car after purchase in Florida?


Can you return a used car if it has problems?

You can return it and ask them to repair it if you bought it with a warranty. If you bought it "AS IS" then you will have to pay for the repairs. You cannot simply return the car for a refund. The buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

Does Florida have a 3 day return policy for used cars?


Florida new car return law?

You cannot return a new or used car in Florida except under the Lemon Law. the Buyers Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

Is there a period of time in Florida when you can return a new car?

No there is not a period of time in Florida when you can return a new car. A car may be returned if it has a major mechanical defect under the Lemon law.

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