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What are your options if your husband died and there is no money to pay off credit cards?

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A deceased person's debts and assets are handled according to the probate laws of the state where the person resided. If the married couple resided in a community property state the surviving spouse may be responsible for debts of the deceased spouse even if said debts were solely made. If the married couple resided in a non community property state the surviving spouse is not responsible for debts solely incurred by the deceased spouse. If he was the only signer, then you need to talk to the lender and find out where to send a "certified death certificate". This should take care of the account as the lender will show this as a loss. If you are signed on the application with him--then you have 2 options. 1. You will have to pay, as the accounts will have to be paid off or it will affect your credit; or 2. you file bankruptcy because you do not have the capacity to pay the accounts. I am sorry for your loss--good luck.

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Your husband passed away and had credit cards in his name can they take money out of the life ins that you are beneficiary?


Where can one get a credit card for one with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, there are still ways to get a credit card. For those with bad credit, secured credit cards or subprime credit cards might be your only options for getting one. These cards can charge extra fees and may let loaners take your money if you do not pay off the balance.

Are credit cards considered to be money?

Although many people treat them as such, no, credit cards are not considered to be money.

how can i get free money to pay off my credit cards?

how can it get free money to pay off my credit cards

Do you pay on debt with credit cards?

no you go into a deeper debt with credit cards. creadit cards are not money. you BORROW the money and they want it back really quick.

What is plastic money?

credit cards

What is meant by plastic money?

plastic money nothing but we use normally plastic card like credit cards, debit cards, etc.,.It is vernacular for credit cards.

I have bad credit how can I qualify for a credit card?

If you don't need to borrow money but need the credit card for buying things online you could get one of the prepay cards. You load money onto it and then you can use it like a credit card for purchasing. There are also secured credit card options for those who have credit issues

Why were credit cards invented?

Credit cards were made because banks wanted to keep up with credit as in owed money better.

Can you sue your absent husband for not paying a credit card he borrowed money on from you?

Can you sue your absent husband for not paying a credit card he borrowed money on, the credit card is in my name only?

What is the definition of plastic money?

Credit cards.

Where can one compare rates on credit cards in the UK?

One can compare rates on credit cards in the UK through Money Supermarket, which is a service that compares credit cards, the rates of interest, the rewards, and the yearly fees. Other good places to learn more about credit cards in UK is Money Co, and it looks at the top 10 credit cards available.

Where can one compare interest rates for business credit cards in the UK?

Credit cards are a necessity for many business people and there are a wide variety to choose from. To compare interest rates for business credit cards check out Money Supermarket, Money Saving Expert, Money or Money Facts.

Why credit cards are money?

Credit cards are not money, they are used to purchase things under a temporary loan, which can be repaid at a later time for a small fee charged by the credit card issuer.

Are USAA credit cards applicable to everyone?

No, you have to apply for most types of credit cards. The only credit cards that everyone can for sure get are the prepaid kinds from the store, you have to pay for cards and then load the money onto them.

How do you carry money in Oman?

cash, credit cards !

In what category are credit cards pictures license and money?

the answer is....

What is the easiest way of borrowing money?

credit cards

What are advantages about credit cards?

You can use money you don't have.

How Debit cards are differ from credit cards?

Debit cards charges money direct from a checking account whenever purchases are made, while a credit card allows borrowing of money at local merchants.

How are debit cards and credit cards similar?

Debit cards when you use them take the money from your bank account. Credit cards charge the amount and then you are billed for it at a later date with intrest.

How can one get credit building credit cards?

Credit building credit cards, also known as secured credit cards, allow the user to deposit a certain amount of money as collateral in order to receive the card. The higher the amount deposited, the higher the credit limit. Websites such as Credit and Bankrate offer information on how to obtain credit building credit cards.

What payment options does The Lakeside Collection offer?

The Lakeside Collection offers many credit card payment options like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Another payment option can be money order or check that is mailed toward their address.

Why use debit cards rather than credit cards?

save money on interest

Are credit cards the same as cash?

NO, cash is money you have and probably cards are monies not earned by you, hence an unsecured loan.