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in the case of the baby you have all the rights an adult mother would have, unless social services has become involved for some reason, as for yourself you need to be more specific.

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2006-06-03 08:00:04
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Q: What are your rights as an underage mother?
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Does an underage mother have rights over herself?

Of course you do! It's up to you what you do or don't do because it's your child and your body !

Can a 16 year old mother move out of the house?

a underage 16 year old mother who is considered an adult and has rights to her own child should have rights to herself aswell, and to where she can live. by all means now that she is a parent with rights she should have rights to her self.

What are the custodial rights of underage mothers against adult fathers in Maryland?

Regardless of age, mother has sole control and custody.

What legal rights does an underage father have if the underage girlfriend is not allowing him visitation or any rights to the child?

see related question

Do you have any rights if the mother is underage and her parents dont want you to be around?

If you're in the US... You have no rights to have contact with the minor mother if her parents forbid it. You do have the right to petition the court for visitation with the child. Of course you also have the obligation of paying child support.

Can a underage father sign his paternity rights away to the husband of the mother of his child and what are the conditions necessary to make it legally binding?

The context is California law

What rights does an underage child have?

As regards what?see links

Can an underage mother win custody of her child back?

Even though the mother is underage she still has custody of her child as long as she does not do something to get custody taken away from her

Are voting rights taken away for underage smoking?

no. that shouldn't be the case

What are the custodial rights of underage mothers in New Hampshire?

According to the precedents set by Anderson v Anderson, there are a list of factors when deciding custodial arrangements of children. Chief among them is the qualifications and fitness of the parent and their ability to control and direct the children. If the underage mother is able to provide this, then she will retain custody.

Can a mother decide weather or not her under age child can give their baby up for adoption?

Not in the USA. Only the biological mother decides this and even if she wanted to she could not do it without the father agreeing to it. They might be underage but they have the same rights as all parents to decide regarding their child.

Can your babys mother still get child support if you are underage and she isn't?

yes, age has nothing to do with it.

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