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What are your rights if a collection agent has recently began calling about the balance due on a 13-14 year old repossession?


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2015-07-17 17:39:03
2015-07-17 17:39:03

DID the lender get a judgment for the balance due? Demand verification of the debt from CA. NO verification, NO PAY...


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Write your doctor and try to get the terms in a letter (that would remediate the proof issue that you raised). If the doctor is honest and this is truly your agreement with him/her, that should get the collection agency to stop calling, unless they are calling you for a portion of the unpaid, agreed-upon balance.

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They were calling it 2003UB313, now they are calling it Eris.

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Not a clue, but I would suggest calling a local new jersey attorney.

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If they just "threaten" you, and you bring it current, then no. But.. if they send you a letter threatening repossession and calling the entire note, and you do not pay the entire balance on the note, then yes they can take your vehicle.

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In order to stop a collection lawyer from calling you it is possible to ask a consumer protection attorney for help or pay the debt. Also, make sure the collection lawyer actually calls for a company you own money to.

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