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DID the lender get a judgment for the balance due? Demand verification of the debt from CA. NO verification, NO PAY...

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Q: What are your rights if a collection agent has recently began calling about the balance due on a 13-14 year old repossession?
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What should you do if you received a bill from a collection agency but you and your doctor had negotiated a different price but you don't have it in writing?

Write your doctor and try to get the terms in a letter (that would remediate the proof issue that you raised). If the doctor is honest and this is truly your agreement with him/her, that should get the collection agency to stop calling, unless they are calling you for a portion of the unpaid, agreed-upon balance.

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What are the repossession laws for New Jersey?

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If you are delinquent on payments and the debtor threatens repo and you bring the car current can they still repossess?

If they just "threaten" you, and you bring it current, then no. But.. if they send you a letter threatening repossession and calling the entire note, and you do not pay the entire balance on the note, then yes they can take your vehicle.

How do you get a collection lawyer to stop calling you?

In order to stop a collection lawyer from calling you it is possible to ask a consumer protection attorney for help or pay the debt. Also, make sure the collection lawyer actually calls for a company you own money to.

How can you find out if the collection lawyer represent the original creditor or not?

by calling on his/her phone.

How do you find the date the car was repoed?

By calling the original loan facility that was associated with the vehicle is one way to locate the repossession date. You can request that the original document of repossession be sent to you by way of fax or US mail (if you feel there is discrepancy). *Note* The time of default does not deem the time of repossession. Be sure to ask specifically for the actual repossession date and unfortunately you may have to clarify that you are not seeking the default date.

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Can a collection agent continue to call a third party if the third party had already informed him that he has the wrong number and to stop calling?

No. They should stop calling.

Can the repo agent involve the police along with calling and coming to your home in Texas?

NO, in NO state can the repoman LEGALLY involve the police. repossession is a CIVIL matter. Calling and coming to your home?? YES, when you are in DEFAULT, the lender can repo the collateral.

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How can one contact the CBCS collection agency?

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What can you do to stop harassment from a collection agency?

The best way to stop a collection agency from contacting you is to write them to stop collecting you. It really is that simple after you write to them they are required by law to stop calling.

Can the repo man remain calling you after the repossession?

Unless the phone calls reach the level of criminal harassment, contain threats, or are in violation of a court order, anyone is permitted to call anyone. Typically, however, the person who actually repossesses an item after a default is a subcontracted individual, hired by the financing or collections company. The person who actually performs the repossession does not make calls (except as necessary to locate the property). If you are still receiving calls regarding the property, it is most likely from the financing or collections company. Often, after an article is repossessed and sold, the proceeds from the sale of the article are not sufficient to satisfy the outstanding debt. In this case, the collection company would continue trying to reach you in order to recover the remaining balance.

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Why would a collection agency suddenly stop calling?

It is important to pay bills on time, every month. A collection agency calls to help a person with their finances and with paying their past-due bill, they stop calling when it is obvious they are not getting what they need, and they need to send it to a persons credit.?æ

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Can collection agencies tell when you delete the messages left on voice mail?

No, but they will obviously know whether or not you are calling them back!

Where is the Alliance One Collection Agency based?

The Alliance One Collection Agency main office is based in Gig Harbor, Washington. They are one of America's leading collection agency. You can reach them by simply visiting their website or calling their 1-800 number.

How can you check cpf account balance?

You can check our CPF balance by calling on the phone and asking a customer service agent or by visiting their web site and entering your account information.

What to do after a repossession and you paid a settlement and the calls continue?

Who did you pay? Was it a settlement or a minimum amount to get the item (car?) back? Who is continuing to call you? The creditor? A collection agent? If you paid the debt off and the creditor is calling, you need to send the creditor a letter by certified mail, return receipt, asking them to stop. If it is a collection agency, send it a certified letter, return receipt. In both cases, send both a certified and a regular mail copy. You may want to check your state laws on debt collection and unfair business practices, often found on your state's Attorney General's website.

A collection agency has been calling me over a home phone bill that is from 1995 under 200.00 what can they do?

get a lawyer? or pay the bill.