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The dealer has to give you the title right away. If you have it now, there's not much you can do. You have the title. But before you got it, you could have returned the car as far as I know. I would have the title ran and check to see if it's a stolen car or anything. If it is, you can return the car and get your money back.

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What should you do if after a month the certified used car that you bought from a dealer is having engine problems?

give the car in the service

How can you Get serial number on my lost gun?

You can check with the dealer where the gun was purchased. He will need month and year of purchase.

i paid cash for a used car only had it a month and a half i bought it from a dealer can i take him to court under the lemon law in the state of ga. ?

Yes the warranty provided by Georgia's lemon law lasts for 1 year after the time of purchase.

Where can one buy a 12 month warranty for ones car?

When you purchase your automobile, it will automatically come with a 12 month warranty (in most cases, longer). Your automobile dealer will probably recommend an extended warranty.

A clothing dealer bought two dozens jackets at 48 each the next month she bought 15 more jackets at 48 each what expression give the total number of dollars the dealer spent for the jackets?

(24 x 48) + (15 x 48) = (39 x 48) = total investment in jacket inventory

How much dos it cost per month to play worldofwarcraft?

$14.99 per month, $13.99 per month for a 3 month purchase, or $12.99 per month for a 12 month purchase.

If you're banned from Xbox Live and bought a 12-month membership are you able to get your money back?

No, the money used to purchase the membership is non-refundable.

What is after black history month?

Women's Rights Month

Can a dealer sell a used car with dry rot tires Haven't even had the vehicle for a month?

Used cars are usually sold AS IS or with a 3 month Warranty. If your car came with a warranty, bring it to the attention of the Dealer. If the dealer refuses to replace your tires or provide you compensation for dry rotted tires, sue them in Small Claims court. If your car was sold AS IS with not warranty, you can still talk to the dealer about replacing the tires, but if the dealer refuses, you have no legal recourse. Moral of the Story: Always get a used car examined by a Mechanic prior to purchase.

Where can one purchase a Mustang coupe?

One can purchase a Mustang coupe at any Ford dealer. Mustang is a high performance car with 305 Horsepower. The 2013 Ford Mustang starts at $21499. With financing, it is only $433 a month for 72 months.

How do you get the pet of the month for webkinz?

You purchase whatever pet is the pet of the month of that month, then adopt it before the month ends.

What fertilizer do you use for kumquat trees?

Purchase kumquat plants from a reputable dealer and withhold fertilization for the first month, as the plants usually have a slowrelease fertilizer in the pot at purchase. Additional fertilizer would cause damage and burn. After than, any kind is fine.

Can you be a moshi member for 1 month?

Yes, you can purchase memberships by the month on the web site or you can purchase membership cards at various stores.

Can eyeglasses be returned within 1 month of purchase if customer is not satisfied?

That very much depends on where you bought them from. Most big national eye care retailers have a satisfaction guaranteed policy but that is for exchange/credit on frames not lenses. Take them back to where you bought them and explain the problem.

Can you still get pet of the month prizes if you bought the pet of the month before that month?


If you return a car within 30 days of purchase from a dealer what can they do in Ohio?

What does 30 days have to do with you signing a contract to pay X number of $$$ per month for XXX months?? Is there something in the contract about "30 days"?

I bought a wax pot heater from a shop The wax pot heater broke first time I used it I took straight back to the shop they exchanged it but a month later and the want me to pay for it?

I bought a wax pot heater from a shop. The wax pot heater broke first time I used it I took straight back to the shop where I made the purchase And they exchanged the wax pot heater for me with no problem. Over a month later I was asked to ring the shop. They now want me to pay for the wax heater again. What are my rights and should I have to as it was not a money exchange?

How do you get rid of a car that you bought and doesn't run after a few month?

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Does walmart sell astaxanthin?

yes i bought it a month ago

When is lost hero movie coming out?

As of now, no one can know for sure. The book was released only about a month ago. Wait a few months and see if the rights to the movie are bought. Until then, sit tight!

If car dealer took a survey at the end of the month Out of a shipment of 122 cars the car dealer has 76 left Which equation could be used to find out how many cars were sold that month where n is?

122 - n = 76

Month the bill of rights was added to the constitution?

december. :)

What month the bill of rights was added to the constitution?

it was in march.

What month was the bill or rights added to the Constitution?


Was the bill of rights adopted after the US first bank?

Yes. The first bank was adopted in the month of february 1791 and the bill of rights was adopted in the month of December 1791