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What are your rights if you were laid off and after 3 weeks you moved and quit a job to take this job?


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If you mean can you get compensation from an employer who lays you off after only 3 weeks, in most cases the answer is no. It's called employment at will, and basically says an employer can fire or lay you off anytime they want to, without any reason. It's a bad deal, but the only thing you can really do is file for unemployment and look for another job. If you mean can you collect unemployment insurance after 3 weeks, yes, as long as you have worked a minimum of 13 weeks in the past 4 months (I believe.) If you were laid off from job A, took job B and quit after 3 weeks, no you will not be able to collect unemployment insurance, becase you quit. *** Unfortunately there is no one answer to your question. The first thing to do is to review if there is an employee handbook. What the layoff policy is and compare with the law. The general rule for layoffs is economic hardship. When this rule is met by the employer there is little it can be done unless you can prove there was some type of illegal discrimination on the process. Also, watch for replacement. If they lay you off and replace you, there might be recourse. Number two, read every document sent or given by the employer regarding the job offer made to you. Look for length of time promises (example: 90 days probationary period, 6 months training period, etc) Accommodations and the length of time of the accommodations. Anything that would lead you to believe you were hired for a longer period of time. This is called "Implied Contract". However, please keep in mind that law is subject to interpretation, and even though there is one law, there are no limits as to how the law is applied to each case. Once you have the answer and you feel you have recourse against your former employer, call the HR department and tell them you feel you are entitled to compensation and that you are calling or writing to them to solve the issue a promptly and efficiently manner. If they refuse to work with you look through your handbook for arbitration policies. If no policies regarding arbitration are present you can then freely escalate it and seek legal advise.


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