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This is one of the hardest questions, particularly for those with little experience. Steer clear of discussing salary specifics before receiving a job offer. Let the interviewer know that you will be open to discussing fair compensation when the time comes. If pressed for a more specific answer, always give a range instead of a specific number.

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Q: What are your salary expectations?
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How do you answer salary expectations?

I am open to the going salary for this job.

How do you list salary expectations?

There are a number of considerations to make in order to list salary expectations. This will include current market rate of the position, salary from previous position, the company's budget and so on.

What are your expectations regarding promotions and salary increases?

There are many expectations regarding promotions and salary increases that you may have. You may expect it to be fair based on the work that you do.

How do you answer 'what is your salary expectations for beginners'?

it depends how your performance to your job.

What are your expectations in our Company?

my expectations in the company, the highher level of the company are so kind to the employees, good salary and benefits.

What is your salary expectation in AED?

The salary expectations in AED can't be accurately provided unless you specify an occupation.

What is your salary expectations if you are fresher?

That depends on your country, city or the department you are about to join.

What are you expectation in working at a call center?

If a employee then expectations for best salary and good working environment.

Which website offers details of an auto mechanic salary? will give you the salary and job expectations of many careers. It will also give you information about schooling training programs and other resources.

What salary can one expect when becoming an ESL?

Teaching English overseas in Asia has an expected salary range of approximately $1500- $3000 per month while teaching in the Middle East offers you the highest salary that is available as an ESL. In the Middle East the salary expectations are between $5000-$7000 monthly.

What are your salarywage expectations?

Before answering the question of your salary-wage expectations, you need to have some background research. Ensure you know the current market range for that position and try to find out what the company offers so that you can quote the right amount.

Pastry chef salary expectations?

1-4yrs-28,000 5-9yrs-32,000 10-19yrs-37,000 20 and over-41,000

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