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What are your talents?

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i so love you your to cute

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What types of fairies are there in pixie hollow games?

water talents, animal talents, garden talents, tinker talents, storm talents, light talents, and fast flying talents.

How do you say 'talents' in french?

les talents

What was cronus' talents?

what are his talents

Does Captain Hook have talents?

no he does not have talents

Does sybil ludington have any talents?

sybil ludington does have talents her talents are horse riding

What were Charlemagne's talents?

His talents was having sex

What talents do vampires have?

Whatever talents they had when they were human.

What are Aphrodite's talents?

Her most known talents are love and beauty. Other talents are desire, fertility etc.

What are Christians belief's on talents?

Answer:Christians believe that talents are a gift from God, and that we should use our talents for His glory.

What were Rosa Parks talents?

Rosa parks talents were painting

What were Hestia's special talents?

Her talents were herth, and love but she was a mortal

What talents does Karrueche Tran have?

her talents is dateing chris brown

Did Sojourner Truth had talents?

does sojourner truth has any talents

What were William Shakespeare's other talents?

We are amply aware of Shakespeare's talents as a writer. There is no real evidence that he had any other talents.

Why do some people had inborn extreme talents?

No one has "inborn extreme talents". The things we do, the talents we have are all learned behavior.

What were Nelson Mandela interests and talents?

what is nelson mandela's special talents

What are Ares talents or skills?

His talents and skills were making war stragities

What is athena's qualities strength or talents?

what is athenas qualities,strengths, or talents

What special talents and skills did Demeter have?

special talents and skills did Demeter have?

What are Cupid talents?

his talents were that he could make people fall in love

What is El Greco's talents?

El Greco had talents like art and architecture.

What other skills and talents did Steve Jobs have?

His other talents are making phones

What are Lorenzo Ghiberti's skills and talents?

Lorenzo Ghiberti had many skills and talents. He was a sculptor, painter, architect, and writer. However, he was best known for his talents as a goldsmith.

Is there a patron saint of talents?

There is no designated patron saint of talents. There are patron saints of particular talents, however. Examples would be weavers, carpenters, physicians, etc.

What rhymes with balance?

there is palance vallance, imbalance and unbalance.Answertalents gallantgallanttalents