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Water Pollution

What areas are particularly affected by water pollution?

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Really if you think about it on a larger scale, everywhere is affected by water pollution. Just as everywhere is affected by air pollution and land pollution. i wanted the names of a place :(

Air pollution, water pollution ect.

the pollution makes them sick

There is more water pollution in heavily populated areas because there is more litter and resources being used. These resources cause more pollution is the air which creates more pollution in the water.

if you drink dirty water you get sick

The pollution affects the clouds an makes acid rain.

You would consider pollution an externality, so yes.

Pollution in the air / water can mix in with precipitation. This causes things like acid rain, which is damaging to the environment. Bad pollution and human effects can also disrupt normal, natural weather patterns and precipitation in certain areas.

if its air pollution it effects as it does us (in the lungs) if its water pollution depending on what type it an get them very sick

ecosystem badly affected by industrialization like, harmful chemicals causes air pollution as well as water pollution its also cause earth pollution. destroys habitats.

Everything living. The lungs take in the air pollution. It is just like a poison. Even fish are affected. The air pollution will make its way into the water, as in Ocean acidification.

every one is that's why u get filterd water.

they r affected by deforestation but they r also affected by water pollution

Water pollution does not benefit anyone, but it does force people to find solutions. Technologies are developed to deal with the pollution, and then they can be applied in other areas.

Pollution - More emmisions- rain cycle is unstable and places get more rain or not enough rain. There will be flooded areas and also areas where there are droughts.

waste water from industries should be recycled

a cause it kills them this is called POLLUTION

The dirty water is fed to the plants on the shorelin and it is unhealthy for the plants.

The desert nation of Morocco has had its urban areas more than double in size in recent decades. This has brought about unemployment and a major increase in air and water pollution.

Three simple tips concerning where to dig wells in arsenic affected areas and pump water for irrigation could go a long way in reducing.

Three simple tips concerning where to dig wells in arsenic affected areas and pump water for irrigation could go a long way in reducing.

Since all the animals intake water as it is very important source of energy , so all are affected by polluted water they consume.

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