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All areas are plagued by racism, some of them simply hide it better than others.

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Who is affected by racism?

i believ everyone is affected by racism no matter who you are what coulour you are everyone is still a victim of racismevery person in the whole wide world. racism is a world wide thing.

Who is affected by racism and why?

Many people were affected by racism especially those who were treated unfairly and badly.

Which countries are affected by racism?

Every country is affected by racism but i would proberly say China and Africa

What areas in the world are affected by volcanos?


What effects does racism have?

First, you have to know who is affected by racism. Racism affects everyone. Groups on facebook fight to stop racism by educating people. However, so long as racism exists, everyone is affected. Now, how are they affected. Racism has made it hard for some people to get jobs, has resulted in segregation that exists to this day (East and West Dayton, Ohio for instance). Racism has resulted in death and unfair treatment.

Where is racism not happening?

There are parts of the world where there is little to no racism though they are very hard to pinpoint because usually the country those areas are in have a major problem with it.

How many people are affected by racism?

Although there is no certain number of people affected, it is clear to see there are MANY. Even those who aren't the ones having the racism put towards are affected by it.

Which part of the US was affected by Racism?

All of it.

Which areas is affected by global warming?

Global means the entire world.

What areas of the world were affected by the spread of the plague in the 14th century?

it affected it was china, india, the near east and europe.

Around the world which areas are affected by the ozone layer?

Antarctica is affected by ozone layer. It is because of the cool temperature.

Areas around the world are affected by the ozone layer?

The southern regions are affected by ozone layer. This is due to westerly winds.

What areas around the world are affected by the ozone layer?

The southern regions are affected by ozone layer. This is due to westerly winds.

Why were some areas not affected by the black death?

Because in that areas that are not affected, the bacterium (Yersinia Pestis) can not developed as well as in the other areas that were affected. And also because that areas that were not affected, were more isolated and less populated.

How is the main charcter of Tangerine by edward bloor affected by racism?

I'm not sure that Paul was affected by racism. Besides the fact that when he first meets Victor and Tino they think less of him. Since he's from a richer community .Joey was highly affected by racism. He called the students of Tangerine Middle "Natives in the Amazon Jungle".

Is racism in South Africa?

There is racism everywhere in the world.

How did the Holocaust affect your world today?

the holocaust has affected us by showing us that racism is unacceptable and that you should treat others how you want to be treated and be smart

What issue isn't affected by marital status?

Racism, Affirmative Action, Gun Control, and Age are not affected by marital status.

What impact did Apartheid have on the rest of the world?

Apartheid affected the world by bringing awareness to racism and prejudice. It showed proof that as a community, we have many strides to make things better for every individual.

What areas of the world got effected by Black Death?

every country in the whole wide world was affected in some way.

What areas of the world is most affected by HIV?

Sub-Sahra Africa, specifically South Africa.

What areas of the world were affected by the spread of the Black Death in the 14th century?

All of Europe and Asia.

What areas were affected by the tsunami that hit japan?

The whole world was and is currently being affected by the radiation leakage from the damaged reactor. The whole main Island was mostly affected the most however.

What other areas in the world were affected by the us and the soviet union rivalry during cold war?

Some other areas that were affected by the Cold War are North and South Korea, Vietnam, Latin America and Afghanistan.

Which areas are affected by chemical weathering?

coastal areas