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Degas was well known for his ballerina paintings

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What is someone who does ballet?

They could be referred to as 'ballerinas', 'artists' or 'ballet dancers'.

Why did the painter degas only paint ballerinas?

he didn't only paint ballerinas, he painted other things to, check out other paintings by Edward degas in books from the library or on the Internet!

What holds an artists paint?

Most artists have a paint tray holding their paint and brushes

What artists paint pictures of faces?

Such artists are portraitists.

Who are contemporary artists?

Artists who paint modern life as of now.

How do artists paint?

They take a paint brush, dip it in paint, and draw things with it.

What is Edgar Degas' favorite subject to paint?

he is an impresimistic but prefers to be called a realist. He does mostly ballerinas

Why do artists paint portraits of people?

Because people commission artists to.

Why do artists paint?

To express creativity.

What artists used tempera paint?

Until the early 15th century most artists did. Also later there have been many artists who prefer the qualities of tempera to oil paint.

What do Thai artists use to paint?

they made paint from mostly rocks.

What influenced Degas to paint ballerinas?

He was interested in studying and reproducing the movements of human bodies in various kinds of actions.

Which artists use acrylic paint?

Acrylic paint is very common these days.

What is a wooden pallet?

Like a paint pallet that artists use to paint with and its wood!

How do you solve Bring Ballerinas Rebus puzzle?

what's the answer to bring ballerinas?

What job do artists do?

they paint draw that stuff!

Why are there no black ballerinas?

There are ballerinas of all races and ethnicities.

Which artists painted rivers?

There have been hundreds of artists that have painted rivers. This is one very popular landscape for artists to paint.

What are man ballerinas called?

male ballerinas are called danseurs.

What do artists do all day?

Artists draw and/or paint some art work to put in an art gallery.

How do you paint plastic lego models?

A hobby shop will have small pots of paint for painting on plastic or try artists acrylic paint.

What did northern European artists paint?

they revealed much about the times they began to use oil-based paint

What is the collective noun for ballerina?

The collective nouns are a troupe of ballerinas and a company of ballerinas.

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