What artists sang tainted love?

The song was written by Ed Cobb, and performed by Gloria Jones for her 1965 single My Bad Boy's Comin' Home. The single and B-Side were both commerical failures until 1973 when it was adopted by UK Northern Soul disco scene. It then became so popular that Jones re-released, again failing to chart.
In 1981 Soft Cell took the song and made the hugely successful cover to the song, it too was not meant to be a main track, and was a melody with another cover, The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go. From there it has been covered by numous bands and groups. These include (as taken from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tainted_Love);

1965: Gloria Jones, original version
1976: Gloria Jones, on the album Vixen (produced by Marc Bolan)
1981: Soft Cell, on the album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
1985: Coil, on the 12" single Panic/Tainted Love
1992: The Flying Pickets, on the album The Warning
1992: Inspiral Carpets, on the album Ruby Trax
1994: David Benoit, on the album Lost and Found[5]
1995: Shades Apart, on the album Save It
1997: Atrocity, on the album Werk 80
1998: Country Teasers, on the album Back to the Future, or Brideshead Revisited Revisited
1998: The Living End, as a B-side to the single "All Torn Down"
1999: My Ruin, on the album Speak and Destroy
2000: Wild Strawberries, on the album Twist as an unnumbered track
2000: Mark Ruff Ryder sampled Soft Cell's version for his 2-step track Joy.
2001: Marilyn Manson, on the album Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack
2001: Max Raabe, on the album Superhits Nummer 2
2002: Prozac+, on the album Miodio
2002: Night Shift, on the album Undercovers
2005: The Pussycat Dolls, on the album PCD
2006: Rihanna sampled Soft Cell's version for her third single "SOS"
2006: Milk Inc., on the album Supersized
2006: Alejandra Guzmán, on the soundtrack of the Mexican film "Cansada De Besar Sapos"
2007: Killwhitneydead, on the album Nothing Less Nothing More
2008: Danny Noriega performed the song on American Idol
2008: The Lost Fingers, on the album Lost in the 80s
2009: David Guetta and Akon use similar melody in their song "Sexy Bitch"
2009: My Brightest Diamond, on the album Guilt by Association Vol. 2
2009: The Pigeon Detectives, as a one-off single for the charity "Cash for Kids"
2009: Blackmailers, on the album Contrafact
2010: Flo Rida sampled Soft Cell's version for "Zoosk Girl" (featuring T-Pain)