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In the US, often times independent regulatory commissions are appointed to investigate various problems, or situations that may have problems. The Executive branch of the US government has many departments and are charged with investigating and regulating various areas. If there seems to be a problem of any kind, departments such as the Department of Justice, would almost with a doubt be called upon to investigate a situation where Federal Laws perhaps have been broken or unfairly administered.If Congress believes that the Department itself may have violated any laws or violations, the assumption is that it would be impossible for the DOJ ( Dept of Justice ) to investigate itself. Thus in the Case of a time during the Clinton Administration, there may have been legal irregularities by the Chief Executive or the DOJ, it was prudent to appoint an independent prosecutor to perform the investigations.

The underlying assumption here, was that because the president appoints the US Attorney General who runs the DOJ, only an independent body can be trusted to investigate the situation.

The above is one example of this. Clearly the executive branch of the US government has numerous responsibilities. Problems within the executive branch are most often handled and investigated by the executive branch and may report its findings to Congress. However, in delicate or extremely important situations, an independent "commission" needs to be called on to perform unbiased investigations.

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Who appoints the leaders of independent regulatory commissions?

The President of the United States, appoints the leaders of independent regulatory commissions

How many independent regulatory commissions are there?

there are 340

What does the independent agencies and regulatory commissions have in common?


Quasi-legislative independent regulatory commissions have powes that are somewhat judicial?

Yes, the Quasi-legislative independent regulatory commissions have powers that are somewhat judicial.

Which of the following are largely independent of presidential control?

independent regulatory commissions

What is the focus of the Independent Regulatory Commissions?

regulate nations economy

What do independent agencies and Regulatory commissions have in common?

There is very little that independent agencies and regulatory commissions have in common. The one thing they do have in common is that they lie outside of the traditional management structure of the executive departments.

What are the names of some independent regulatory commissions?

Sarah Dixon is Hot

What special powers do independent regulatory commissions possess?

Independent Regulatory CommissionsRegulatory Commissions have a special place in the federal bureaucracy. They are independent of the three branches of government. The President appoints the members with Senate approval. Unlike other bureaucrats, these agencies do not report to the executive branch and the President cannot fire them. Members of the commissions serve for a fixed term. The independent regulatory commissions were created to make rules for large businesses that effect the interest of the public. Not only do they regulate the conduct of these industries but they have the power to determine who will receive licenses to operate. They also have the power to investigate these businesses they regulate. Examples of Independent Regulatory Commissions are the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Reserve Board. MrV

Is NASA a Independent Regulatory Commission?

No, NASA is considered an Independent Agency (a government entity that is independent of any branch of government). Ind. Reg. Commissions have regulatory power that is protected by congress.

Independent agencies that bring violators to court are called what?

Regulatory Agencies or Regulartoy Commissions

The idea behind deregulation is that the independent regulatory commissions?

should have no relationship with political parties.

How do leaders of independent regulatory commissions obtain their positions?

They are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate.

What is TRUE of quasi-judicial independent regulatory commissions?

They have some legislative powers

What is the primary purpose of creating independent regulatory commissions?

it was a document of rights that couldn't be taken away

What is the special role of independent regulatory commissions in the federal bureaucracy?

to make sandwhiches for the presidents daughters

How are independent executive agencies similar to independent regulatory commissions?

both are designed to limit the president's direct control over their activities

What does the independent agency and regulatory commission have in common?

Independent agencies are those that are not under direct authority of the President of the United States. Regulatory commissions were established by congress. However, they are both government entities.

Which are not independent agencies of the national bureaucracy?

Independent agencies- called "independent" because they are not part of the Cabinet. Three types: * Executive agencies * Government corporations * Regulatory commissions

What is regulatory commissions?

Regulatory commissions are government bodies that are set up to keep certain things in check. Regulatory commissions prevent excesses and give direction on how a project or task should be undertaken.

What is the main purpose of independent regulatory commissions?

The main purpose is to regulate, or police, important aspects of the nation's economy.

The three parts of the federal bureaucracy?

The Independent Regulatory Commission, Independent Executive Agnecy and the Cabinet Department.

What has the author Arthur Belonzi written?

Arthur Belonzi has written: 'The weary watchdogs' -- subject(s): Independent regulatory commissions

It can be said of regulatory commissions that?

the broad discretion these commissions have over regulatory policy means that a change in their membership can have a significant impact.

What is the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions?