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What atoms make up rust?


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Iron and oxygen. Rust is iron oxide.

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Iron and oxygen are the two elements that make up rust.

Magnetism is the "lining up" of atoms. Iron atoms line up easily and tend to stay lined up. Rust is iron plus oxygen plus space: since there is less iron in a given volume of rust than in the same volume of solid iron, there are fewer iron atoms present to be polarized.

Yes, atoms make up elements.

Atoms make up all elements such as Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon. Atoms make up all matter in the Universe.

The most abundant compound in rust is iron II oxide or Fe2O3 which has 5 atoms.

Rust is an iron oxide compound. There are several different iron oxides that make up rust.

Rust is a compound of iron and oxygen.

Atoms True atoms make up all matter, but quarks make up all atoms. So fundamentally quarks make up all matter. Atoms _________________________________________________________________ All you'll need to know about what make up hadrons, which make up matter.

They make up words and sentences like atoms make up matter.

rust of which metal, iron or steel? Iron, 26 atoms. - steel, depends on the type of steel.

Rust is composed of iron oxide. The chemical formula for iron oxide is Fe2O3. This means there are 2 atoms of iron in every molecule of rust.

No, atoms are elements. No, a group of atoms make up a molecule and groups of the same types of atoms make up a specific elemental molecule, such as N2 or O2. Next lets look at atoms.

Atoms make up everything. They are what make elements unique. Their composition of electrons, protons and neutrons make up the universe as we know it.

atoms and molecules that make up a rock do move.

Atoms make up compounds and elements.Atoms make up everything in the world.

atomsQuarks make up Protons and NeutronsProtons, Neutrons, and Electrons make up atoms.Atoms make up compounds and molecules.Molecules and compounds make up everything else!

Because oxygen ions attach to iron atoms to make iron oxide (a.k.a. rust).

Atoms make up everything of matter

the semi adhiesive atoms

There is 1 Iron atom and 2 oxogen atoms in Iron rust.

Which characteristics are generally given to the atoms that make up a liquid?

the atoms make up carbonate ion and its charge its 4+.

no atoms make up molecules and protons neutrons and electrons make up atoms.

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