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It was the holy Quran authenticity, good Islam morals, Islam religion truthfulness and logic, Prophet Muhammad good moral model, Islam justice, and Islam spread of free will and equal human rights. Refer to questions below.


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Islamic is an adjective that means related to Islam religion or related to Muslims as followers of Islam religion. For example Islamic holy book means the holy book for muslims.

Islam is a religion, Muslims are the followers of the Islamic religion.

YES. The policies of discrimination against Non-Muslims in Islamic Empires led to large-scale conversions by Non-Muslims to Islam.

Islam is a state religion by constitution and no law can be formed which is against the guidelines of Islam as per constitution. But ground situation is pretty different. Muslims are in majority

The Muslims must spend their life according to the teachings of Islam. Islamic is necessry to settle their daily matters according to Islamic law.

Islam established Islamic medicine and only Iranian Muslims like Avesina and others have wrote near 5000 book in medicine like "the cannon of medicine" and may other books. Islam has its own medicine.

Followers of Islamic religion are called Muslims.

Islam and/or Islam culture is not misogynistic. Muslims women are well acknowledged and respected in Islam. Islam religion is the first that set up women human rights since the 7th century preceding all other UN or religion decrees. Islam is not stereotype. It is God religion. Refer to question below.

There is nobody ruling Islam but there is Shariah (Islamic law) that Muslims around the world adhere to.

Islam provide freedom not impose any pressure on the Muslims. So Islam not reject the western culture but it is the against of Islam.

Islam is practised all over the world by Muslims.

culture is the bigger umbrella. religion lies under cultures. Islam was started in ARAB so Islamic philosophers depicts the ARABIAN culture and can say Arabian Islamic culture

The Radical Islam has twisted the Holy Quran and the other Islamic sects by being selective in the quotation of certain verses about Muslims and Non-Muslims.

there is no something called Islamic language . the quran (the holy book of Muslims) is written in Arabic if you mean what we call Islam in Arabic ... will it is "Islam" and it means that the Muslim should be submitted to Allah.

Islamic is not a language, Islam is in many countries so Muslims do not speak Islamic or Muslim they speak the language of their country. for example Kuwati Muslims speak Arabic albanian Muslims speak albanian because ther're from Albania and so on.

Muslims practice the Islam faith. There is no such thing as Islams. A Muslim practices Islam

The Holy Books of Islam, is the Quaran or Koran the Islamic and Muslims say Quaran.

Muslims, Islamic people. pray to Allah, whom they believe is god.

Muslims/Islam worship only Allah and no-one or nothing else.

Islam is based on human nature. Islam does not impose anything that is difficult to follow or against human nature to adopt. All local, regional or national traditions or customs that are not against Islam are given free consent in Islam. Therefore, islamic culture flourished.

Yes, Muslims traded in the past and they still do. Muslims can trade in anything which is " halal", i.e. not forbidden in Islam.

Per Islam teachings and Islamic morals, yes Muslims are nice people. Refer to question below.

The reason that the US culture is opposed is because of all what Americans are doing. They are putting Muslims on the spotlight and they are framing all Muslims for what some people are doing. The people known as Terrorists claim to fight in the name of Islam, but they are not. In Islam, one of the major sins is killing yourself or others. This is why the Terrorists are not Muslims, even though they claim to be. In America, since people don't understand this, they go and think that all Muslims are like this, and one can't judge a Muslim by the actions of non-Muslim Terrorists. This is why many Islamic states, like Iran, don't like the US and its culture.

The values taught by Islam to the Muslims are very good & benevolent.

The Islamic faith was founded by Muhammed around 600 A.D.

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