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What attributes does Joe Jonas admire in a girl?



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Just because they are the Jonas Brothers doesn't mean that they look for in girls that are any different then what anybody wants in a relationship. Obviously, they want a person that they can connect with on many different levels and understands that they are busy and will act normal around them. Why would you want to date them, anyways? They are always going around to a million different places on tour all the time. But if you love someone, that would be so hard- you would what, abandon your life and go with them, or not see them all the time, it's so sad. A lot of girls love the Jonas Brothers but how could you even think that they would be looking for that. They are young still, as most of as teenagers are. Besides, 90% of the girls they will encounter will only be in love with the idea of them, not truly them. And, sometimes, they cannot trust girls because they just want to be famous, and don't love them, for them. Not being able to know who's using you are not. I think the Jonas Brothers would be awesome people to hang out with and party. Not to date because, they are busy and since they have a very busy schedule all the time, you wouldn't get any alone time with them because fans would be staring at you two.

Am not sure wiff what this say si think that if u go out wiff the Jonas brothers just 2 b famouse they will b smart enough 2 figure it out by the way the i think that they could go out wiff a qrl that really talks wiff them,lienqs 2 them ,nd is always there 4 them when they need u nd when they have 2 go somewere the qrl will understand nd let them go but eill b waitinq 4 him..if they really love him that's wat i think