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ANY transmission will fit as long as it has the B O P (Buick, Olsmobile, or Pontiac or Cadillac) bolt pattern. Be it the 200, 350, 700 ........

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โˆ™ 2006-03-13 17:57:56
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Q: What automatic transmission will bolt into a 1985 Lesabre 5.0 307 beside the stock TH200?
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What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 1977 Chevy Nova straight 6?

For automatic trannies: TH200 = 4.5 qts TH350 = 10 qts.

What type of transmission does a 1984 Oldsmobile delta 88 brougham v8 307 have 3 speed or 4 speed overdrive and what type of oil should be used?

General Motors TH200 (M29) 3 Speed Automatic Transmission Use Dextron II ATF

What is the stock transmission in a 1976 Buick Skylark Coupe?

The 231ci V6 came with a TH200 3 speed automatic. The V8 cars came with TH350 3 speed autos. I believe the manuals trans was a Muncie 4 speed

What type of transmission is a 1983 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme v6?

More than likely a metric TH200. Maybe a TH350 if you're lucky.

What type of transmission will fit in a 350 engine?

There are several GM automatic transmissions that have the Chevy bolt pattern. Powerglide, TH200, TH2004R, TH350, TH375, TH400, TH700R4. These same transmissions also came with the BOP bolt pattern, so make sure you get one from a Chevy.

What transmission bolts to a Chevy 2.8 v6?

Identify a 2.8 Chevy transmission Most any Chevrolet transmission will work, but the 2.8 didn't have much power, so stay away from a 400. A TH200 would be your best bet.

Will a 1985 Buick riviera turbo V6 3.8 liter engine mate to a 1987 Pontiac fiero automatic transmission?

What is the transmission size? The Buick 3.8 's were used GM wide, and bolted up to TH200's, some 200r4's, and I believe TH350's could bolt up as well. Chevrolet trannys will not bolt up- their pattern is different.

Where can you find a transmission for a 83 cutlass supreme v6 engine?

its a th200 metric. tci transmissions. about $1,500. or you can get a 350 turbo much cheaper. the 200 metric is the best choice, because it has 4 gears, and doesnt lag as much as the 350

Is a thm350 transmission the same length as a thm200c?

It may or may not, auto transmissions are fitted with different tails depending on the car they are mounted, if both trannies are for the same car, they will be of the same length, if two th350's come from different cars they might bew differrent in length, the wisest thing to do is to measure the th200 and then verify the 350 tranny is of the same length, if not you can get a shorter tail.

How do you convert a 1978 El Camino into a 4 speed?

Assuming that you have an automatic transmission, this is a pretty involved process,so ask your self if it's worth the effort and expense.You need all the parts for a manual transmission swap. These would include, a manual transmission,a bell housing,a clutch and pressure plate,throwout bearing,another type flywheel,all related linkages,all related linkage and pedals for inside the car,another type of shifter,and possible driveshaft and crossmember change. It is possible,but not an easy option. . See the garage-scene web site link to the right. If it is an automatic 3 speed, it is probably a TH350 tranny. an overdrive tranny which is just about the same length and requires almost no modification is the TH200-4R. most of these trannys are a Buick, Olds, Pontiac bellhousing design but there are some that have a Chevy bellhousing too. : The 1984 elc had the option of the 200r4 4 speed, everything older does not. The 200r4 is great because of the multi-use housing. Because the subframe is shorter on everything older then a 1984, you have to get either the transmission mount, on the original cross member, cut and rewelded 6 inches + a little (or on the back side of it) to the rear. Or you can order a new (fabricated) Crossmember with a subframe extender @ $300. I don't know if this holds true for a V-6.

What all transmissions can you put in a 1994 Chevy pickup with a 5.7L engine?

Any transmission that will fit a gen 1 small block chevy. th200, th350, th400, th2004r, th700r4, muncie 4 speeds, T-10's, etc. As long as you get the right crossmember and driveshaft yolk you've got enough room to fit what you need. Just make sure the bell housing bolts are for a chevy. NEW ANSWER: The above answer is all wrong. If that truck is a 1/2 ton then it MUST have the 4L60E transmission put back in it. If it is a 3/4 ton then it must have the 4L80E put in it. reason being is because of the computer system and the transmission wiring harness. Yes all the above will bolt up to the engine but the truck will NEVER run right. The ECM / computer will not know what to do.

What transmission will fit A 1963 Oldsmobile dynamic 88?

Trying to install any transmission other than the original (Rotohydramatic Model 10) involves a lot of work. Newer Turbo-Hydramatics (TH400, TH350, TH200-4R, TH700-R4) do not bolt up to the engine flex plate or bell housing, the drive shaft yoke will not fit, and the drive tunnel (hump in the floorpan) will need to be cut up and enlarged to fit these newer (and larger) transmissions. The original transmission for this car was known as the "slim jim" for good reason. It was unsually long and very narrow in cross-section - to allow a smaller drive tunnel and more footroom up front. Trying to squeeze a newer transmission under the car without contact with the floorpan doesn't work so well. There have been a few home mechanics who "made some room" by taking a sledge hammer to the floorpan to create enough clearance for the 200-4R trans. The adapters for the 394V8, the custom mangling of the crossmember and mount, and driveshaft all make it a frustrating (and expensive) project for the novice.

Will a tranny from 85 olds delta 88 fit a 1988 delta 88 with same 3.8 L motor?

No.The 1985 is the last of the Generation 9 88s which was Rear Wheel drive has a big TH200 in it which is shaped to go under the car about where the dash is. the Gen10 front Wheel Drive 88 would have its own transmission which you would find the best match for in a 1986-1988 Olds Delta 88. This shouldn't be too hard to find as there are still many of these excelent cars out there. Your 3.8 is rated one of the top 10 stock engines of the 20th century by wards. Good Luck!PS. I rewrote the whole answer, I didnt just adjust it.

What is the original gear ratio for a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 4.3?

No cutlass supreme ever came with a 4.3. The olds 307 (5.0L) came with a th200 3 speed and 2.14 gear in the 80's. I believe there was another 2.xx gear offered but don't know which year or models. The hurst or 442 editions came with lower rear gears, around 3.73.