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What backs the money supply in the US?

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Travis Sayles Bey
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The U.S. dollar is backed by debt.

Every dollar in our bank accounts is the result of an open loan. When a bank creates a loan, they simply use borrower’s account as a liability, and hold borrower’s promissory note on their asset side. This creates the Fiat currency that we utilize to pay for more liabilities. The dollar amount is used up as the debt gets paid down.

"Money" is also created when the central bank buys these debt instruments from the private sector. This is paid for by marking up the reserve account of the commercial bank through which the transaction occurred and more "money" has been created.

Banks need to be repaid in order to extinguish their liabilities while the Federal Reserve, does not. Federal Reserve Notes are liabilities created by deficit spending, they can only be extinguished via a federal budget surplus. So the Fed can create nearly limitless liabilities (they sell bonds) in order to fund government spending, with the only real limitation being the economy’s ability to meet the increased demand.

The U.S. dollar used to be backed by gold, which is lawful money according to Article 1 Sec 10 of the U.S. Constitution. All fiat currency eventually returns to it's original value 0. Robert Kiyosaki stated in an interview the the real money is in precious metals, land and artwork. How much money do we really have? Everyone is walking around in debt!

If you really want to build wealth, you must have assts. I personally prefer precious metals.

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Who is in charge of the money supply in the US?


What does the US Federal Reserve do?

Controls the US money supply through open market operations, adjustment of rates, and declaring a reserve ratio. See "Money Supply Theory." This control of the money supply by a privately owned entity is unconstitutional, therefore illegal.

Why does Federal Reserve System regulate the money supply?

The Federal Reserve System regulates the money supply in an effort to maintain a healthy US economy.

Which government agency is responsible for managing the money supply in the US?

The Federal Reserve is responsible for managing the money supply in the U.S.

What do US monetary policies cover?

money supply and intrest rates

What entity controls the money supply in the US?

The Federal Reserve (the FED)

Which of these is primarily responsible for the control of the money supply in the US?

The Federal Reserve

What primarily determines the supply of money in the US economy?

Federal reserve

What important role did the Second Bank of the US play?

it kept the US money supply stable

What is The supply of money in the US economy determined primarily b?

Federal Reserve

What were green backs?

slang for American money

What were the cause or causes of the US financial crisis of 2008?

in US there was more supply of goods(product ) and less supply of money,due to shortage of money the value of product gose down and it cause less productation and unemployment.

What backs the US dollar?


What decades was there both high inflation and rapid money supply growth in the US?


What percent of US money exists in physical currency?

About 2-3% of the total money supply exists in physical currency.

What are the effects of an over supply of money?

effect of an over supply of money

If there is high inflation the federal reserve will want to increase the money supply?

One of the two (according to the Keynesian) reason that can create high inflation is attributed to the increased money supply where "too much money chasing too few goods" Therefore, to reduce inflation, the Federal reserve would want to DECREASE the money supply. However, the increase in money supply can create stimulus demand and depreciate the exchange rate of the US Dollars which are considered (although questionable) beneficial to the US economy.

Who controls the supply of money in the us?

The Federal Reserve System, a quasi-governmental body, is the central bank that controls the supply of money and/or currency in circulation. The actual production of currencies is by the Department of the Treasury, which operates the US Mints and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

What was money called back then?

"Back then," lol, money was called curency or green backs.

Why did the US supply soviets with equipment following the German invasion?

One reason really... $$$$$ MONEY $$$$$

How did the us benefit from staying out of the ww1?

They didn't have to supply weapons, and loan out money for other countries.

Who controls the supply of money in the US today?

the federal reserve of course now do the happy dance

How does raising the discount rate affect the money supply?

Decreases the money supply

Do you have supply of money in India ppt?

there are four measure of money supply in india,

What factors determine money supply?

factors which determine money supply is: open market operations, variable money supply bank rate policy.