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On a personal level, TR had no major vices except for coffee. He loved the outdoors, did not smoke, and only had the occasional soak.

Roosevelt's critics might call him a racist, but he was in fact very progressive. Shortly after he was sworn in as President, he invited Booker T. Washington to the White House to consult but never invited him over for dinner again due to a bitter, and at times vicious, reactions across the heavily segregated South. Note that in the election of 1904 he took all the Northern and Western states but lost in all the Southern states.

Another thing he did was he unjustly supported the unfounded Panamanian Independence. In 1903 Secretary of State John Hay negotiated a treaty with Colombia that granted the strip of land across Panama for the Panama Canal. Lastly, there is the paradox of his hunting and conservation measures. While it is true that he killed a great number of animals in trips around the United States and in Africa, and he wanted to ensure that indiscriminate killing of animals would not continue - establishing 51 Bird Reserves, 4 Game Preserves, and 150 National Forests.

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Q: What bad things did Theodore Roosevelt do?
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