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In Firered and Leafgreen, the mew will never obey. This is because mew wasn't actually placed into either game.

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Q: What badge is it to make mew obey in Pokemon?
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How do you make mew obey you Pokemon leaf green?

If you cheated to get Mew you must make sure not to cheat to get the Badges otherwise it will not obey you.

How do you get mew to obey in Pokemon emerald?

If that is your problem, there's a big chance you've hacked it into your game, or traded it over from someone who has it. Anyway, just like with all other pokemon, you will need to get some more gym badges. Certain badges make pokemon of a higher level obey you. For example: getting the second gym badge will make pokemon up level 20 (maybe 30, i can't recall) obey you. This has no effect on pokemon you caught in your own game, they will obey you regardless of level and gym badges.

Is there mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yup. ;D (Only at live events or hacked by a gameshark or action reply. mew will not obey if hacked)

Pokemon Emerald code getting mew to obay?

Just get all the badges. It will obey you then.

How do you make Mew listen to you in Pokemon FireRed?

how did u get mew

What Pokemon can breed with Ditto to make mew?


What is the mew gameshark code for Pokemon Green leaf?

The code will give you mew, but he will NEVER obey you. EVER. Not even with every badge. It's just a glitch the Game Designers put in the Game. The Master Code is:928817F0298A 50F818720DD7 9A0FA7C9D126 The Code IS: CF8B3C44209C It will work, I have done it, but it is only good for an entry.

How do you get Mew to obey in Pokemon if you got it off of Action Replay?

Getting Mew to Obey After Using ARi did this by using the ar and captured it with a pokeball.then,when i got out of the island,i land in lily cove city.i raise my Pokemon to make it stopng enough to beat winona(flying gym)and mew obeyed me Beat some gymsEasy just use the AR code to get all berrys and use the ones for having frindship

What is the gameshark cheat to get mew on FireRed version?

the best answergo to and there you will find all the codes you need including codes for mew, however i dont know a code to get the mew to obey to you on fire red. the only other way is to get it on emerald with a gameshark and than trade it over to fire red. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I got the codes from the codes that will make wild Pokemon appear as mew is under the name "Pokemon Leaf/Fire v1.1 SWPM#1". the v1.1 is for the U.S version. the SWPM#2 has the others from ruby and Sapphire. It will also allow you to get shiny wild Pokemon and lv. 50 and 100 Pokemon. Mew will not obey.

How do you make mew in wild cheat for Pokemon chaos black game work?


Where to find mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon diamond?

send them to pal park from other games lik leaf green fire read. mew2 ar in the cav above the second badge town. mew is an event Pokemon

How do you get the Pokemon mew without cheats?

make a kadabra use physic on a caterpie and it will transform to mew

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