What bands worship the devil?

Almost none of them. Pretty much the only rock musicians who actually consider themselves Satanists belong to an obscure sub-genre of heavy metal known as Satanic metal.

Practically any famous rock band you can think of does NOT worship the devil or have anything to do with Satanism. The idea that lots of rock bands are Satanists or devil worshippers is a total myth, created by ignorant people who don't know anything about rock music at all.

Even Satanists do not worship the Devil. They do not worship any deity. They do not believe that God or Satan actually exist. And they do not sacrifice animals or children, either. Children and animals are considered the purest form of life, and thus are held sacred.

The only rock musician I know of who has dabbled in Satanism -- not including Satanic black metal -- is Marilyn Manson. I don't think he ever actually joined the Church of Satan, but he was deeply infatuated with Satanism for awhile, and even paid a visit to Anton LaVey at his home!

I suggest you do some reading on both rock music and Satanism, and learn what these things are actually about, instead of listening to rumors spread by ignorant people.