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According to the 1998 Ford Contour Owner Guide :

Both the 2.0 liter four cylinder engine and the 2.5 liter V6 engine came with the

( Motorcraft BXT-40R battery )

* that's BCI group size 40R


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There are several reasons why a 1998 Ford Contour will not start. The car may not start if the battery is dead, the starter may need replaced, or the head gaskets are blown.

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Worn out gear. You need a mechanic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to the Library, & get a Haynes manual for the 1995 through 2000 Contour. Or go to the Ford Dealer parts dept., & have them print out the picture of of it. that will give you an idea of what you need to take apart. better yet get both.

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That would depend on what warning lights you are referring to. I'll need more information if I am to answer this fully.

about $250 depending what shape it is in but i do live in WV. I can buy cars that need a little work for as little as $20

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There are a couple of reasons why a 1999 Ford Contour may misfire. The spark plugs may need changed or the coil pack may be bad.

DOT 3 that meets Ford specs ESA - M6C25-A

A ford contour holds approximately 4 quarts of oil. Add about 3.5 quarts of oil, then add slowly until the dipstick reads full.

your goin to need a BFH and a torch end of story. lol yea right ull prolly be there a while beating and heating

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If your Ford Contour 2000 keeps leaking water and its anti-freeze, you will need to repair your head gasket.

According to the 2000 Ford Contour Owner Guide : For the manual transaxle ( transmission ) ( 2.0 U.S. quarts of Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

If you replaced the battery with a brand new one, then no. The battery comes from the store with a fuul charge. If it didn't come charged up, then you have bought a defective battery.

it's best to replace it with a digital one that is if this is over 1998 car the computer has all the wiring you need just remember to take the - of the battery before you do anything

I believe you need to just start the engine with the key, it worked for me

I recently replaced the battery in our 1998 Windstar and did not keep the electrical system connected during the changeover. No issues afterwards.

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