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While not entirely accurate, this approximates the way the battle of Gettysburg began.

Gettysburg was selected as a location for the fight by Robert E Lee because of the excellent road network there.

Lee's soldiers had raided many of the nearby towns and hoped to force Gettysburg to give them a warehouse full of shoes and boots. They were surprised by the presence of a Union cavalry company when they had only expected a few untrained militia. They did not know that nearly 100,000 Union soldiers were within one day of arriving at the scene.

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Q: What battle began when the Union cavalry surprised the Confederate infantry raiding the town for shoes?
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What battle began when the union cavalry suprised the rebel infantry raiding the town for shoes?


What battle began when the Union calvary surprised the Rebel infantry raiding the town for shoes?

The Battle of Gettysburg, I just read it in my history book.

What was a confederate raiding party originally looking for when they entered Gettysburg?


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What battle started when Union soldiers surprised Rebel soldiers raiding a town for shoes?

The Battle of Gettysburg

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What Confederate cavalry general raided General US Grant's supply base in Mississippi?

Cavalry General Earl Van Dorn led a raiding party into General US Grant's supply base in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The raid was a success and the base, commanded by Colonel R.C. Murphy was caught by surprise. Van Dorn's troops burned over over one million dollars worth of food, supplies and equipment.

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The Confederate army was inferior to the Union in?

The Confederate had to build from scratch when the Union didn't. The Confederate Army was inferior in manpower and cannon. Equally significant, the Confederate Navy was decidedly weaker than the Union Navy in nearly all aspects. The one thing they had going is they got some of the best military minds from the Union. Robert E. Lee was a good example. Other than that they had to form an army, train them, get supply lines going, collect weapons,and do all the things required for a fighting force. The Confederate Army was notably better in use of terrain, overall tactics, raiding, use of cavalry, and use of mechanization (trains) to move men and materials. Confederate soldiers were on average much better marksmen than the Union soldiers especially early in the war.

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