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What battle of the civil war did the south have no chance?


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January 18, 2008 3:44PM

Sayler's (or Sailor's) Creek, Apr. 6, 1865, is one where they had absolutely no chance of winning. I would say Battle of Nashville, TN in December 1864. The Confederate General Hood was taking a gamble to invade Tennesse and threaten the capitol and draw attention from Gen Sherman's march. They quickly advanced through Columbia and Spring Hill but were bloodied at the Battle of Franklin, where they lost 6 generals. Even though they had the Yankees on the retreat, they should have stopped there. By the time they reached Nashville, the Union troops were re-inforced and well fortified. The Confederates could not resist the temptation to charge fortified enemy---but they should not have done it. Winter had set in. They were load on ammunition and supplies. This was not the time for a battle.