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What battle was the last ditch effort by the Nazi's to stop the allied march into Germany?


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The Batle of the Bulge.

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This was the battle in which the Red Army defeated and took German Nazi prisoners. It was a turning point for the Soviets. They continued to defeat the Nazis all the way to Berlin Germany where the Nazis finally surrendered to the Reds and the other Allied Forces.

they coutinued to battle the allied forces in Italy

continued to battle the allied forces in Italy

By the allied troops. D-day was the beginning of the driving back of the Nazis.

Sweden assisted Nazi Germany in different ways during WWII, but the most obvious and hurtful to the Allied effort was their supplying of iron ore to Germany's manufacturing industries.

It wasn't. It was for the soviets. it was their first battle they won since the Nazis invaded. they also ended up pushing them all the way to Germany. It wasn't. It was for the soviets. it was their first battle they won since the Nazis invaded. they also ended up pushing them all the way to Germany. It wasn't. It was for the soviets. it was their first battle they won since the Nazis invaded. they also ended up pushing them all the way to Germany.

The Battle of Bulge showed the Germans the Allied Forces could drive the Nazis back. Another bad situation for the Germans was the loss of some of their prime fighters, a lot of their military equipment was destroyed and precious fuel was used up fighting a losing battle. They were never able to push the Allied Forces back to the English Channel after that.

The last major battle in the war against German Nazis was the Battle of Berlin completed by the Soviets.

I think you are confused. The Nazis were German. They were from Germany.

The countries that were allied with the Nazis in World War 2 were Japan and Italy, but Italy fought against the Nazis with the Allies towards the end of the war.

National Socialist Party of Germany post WW 1Germany.The Nazis were from Germany

it ended because the War ended, so Germany was defeated along with the Reich!!Germany was defeated by the Allied armies in World War II, and the Nazis were forced out of power.

The Italians never wanted to be allied with German Nazis. It was their leader, Mussolini, who wanted to ally himself with the Nazis. The Italians did not want to fight with the Nazis but they knew they would be killed by the Nazis if they did not fight for them. When the Americans, Brits and others arrived the Italians surrendered and let the Allied leaders know the Italians were on the Allied Forces side. The Italian populace was able to take down Mussolini and defeat the Nazis with the help of the Allied Forces.

It was not in Germany. Operation Overlord was an offensive against Germany. There were a series of Allied landings on the beaches of Normandy (British, Canadian, and American) starting on 6th June, 1944 (4,000 landing crafts, 600 warships, 176,000 soldiers). The battle was to take back Europe from the Nazis. By the end of July there were more than a million soldiers in France. (Hitler was deceived: he expected an invasion but he thought it would be in Calais.The allied forced succeeded to force the Germans out of France and Belgium. The Nazis had to fight on two fronts (the russians were advancing from the east).By April 1945, the Allied forces and the Russian Red Army reached Berlin, and soon the WWII ended.

Yes, it was occupied by the Nazis

The Allied Forces repelled the Nazis from Sicily. The townspeople gave them a big hurray. The bad part was that the Nazis got away to the main land of Italy and this forced the Allied Forces to fight those particular Nazis again. Had the Allied Forces been paying attention to the Nazis they would have tried to prevent the Nazis from escaping. Instead the Brits and the Americans were playing "I am going to beat you to the other end of the island and get those Nazis on my way there." General Patton and Field Marshal Montgomery were reprimanded for their childish behavior and allowing the Nazis to escape or rather withdraw.

Germany wasn't split into East and West Germany until after the Nazis were defeated in World War II; the Nazis ruled all of Germany, East and West, prior to that point.

Well of course like in any European or "western" country there are Nazis or better said Neo Nazis in Germany.

The Battle of Berlin was the last battle the Nazis fought against the Red Army and they were defeated. The German leaders finally surrendered since Hitler was dead.

they all wanted to kill Nazis

No Jews were handed over to the Nazis from territory under actual Allied control.

The Battle of Stalingrad was a long drawn out battle between the Nazis and the Red Army of the USSR. Stalingrad was city named after the Soviet Leader Josef Stalin. The battle lasted from the summer to the winter and the Nazis ended up having to give up due to lack of food, supplies, armament and they were dying off from exposure to the freezing cold weather and were starving to death. This became the end of the war for the Nazis in the USSR. It was the big turning point of World War 2 in Europe. The Nazis were soundly defeated by the Allied Forces after that.

No, the Nazis were the German government, the Battle of Midway was between the US and Japan.

Battle of Monte Cassino was one tough battle. It involved a very high hill with a Catholic Church / historic building on it. The Nazis took that high ground and waited to shoot down the Allied Forces as they approached the hill and the road leading to Rome. The battle dragged on for a long time. Many men died. The Catholics were notified the allies wanted to bomb the building to kill the Nazis. The Priest and towns people removed icons and paintings. The building was bombed but the Nazis did not die in the building. The removal of the paintings was a dead give away to the Nazis the building was going to be bombed so they stayed away from it when it was demolished. In the end the Allied Forces were the victors. See the link below.

The Nazis were able to control Germany because of there force and Persuasion to control the people

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