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What became extinct in the 1900s?

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buffaloes were killed near extinction in the early 1900s

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Why did pteranodon extinct?

They became extinct by volcanos

What Occupations became popular Among women in the early 1900s?

Secretaries and Managers

What era did dinosaurs became extinct?

I think they became extinct at the end of the Mesozoic era

Which became extinct most recently Triceratops brachiosaurus the Dodo?

The dodo bird became extinct in the early 1600's. The Triceratops became extinct long before that.

How did the bison become extinct?

the white man came in the 1900s and killed them all

How many animals became extinct in 2009?

no animals were extinct in 2009 it was one of the only years no species became extinct in recent history.

When did the aurochs go extinct?

I Believe it became extinct in 1627

When did sea minks become extinct?

The sea mink became extinct in 1860. Sadly, it became extinct to due man hunting the animal for its skin.

How many animals have went extinct since 1900?

the real amount of animals extinct since 1900s to peresnt (2012) is 3125 species

Why did the lucayans became extinct?


When did the paradise parrot become extinct?

The Paradise Parrot became extinct in 1928. This bird was previously found in eastern Australia, but became extinct due to droughts.

What flying reptiles became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous?

The flying reptiles that became extinct at the end of the cretaceous where pterosaurs.

What major group flourished only after the dinosaurs became extinct?

the dinosaurs became extinct because the was kill of there family

When did cameras become popular?

they became popular in 1900s

When was the passenger pigeon extinct?

the passenger pigeon became extinct on 1914...

Why has the black bear became extinct?

the Black Bear isn't extinct

How did phororhacos become extinct?

no one really nows how or when they became extinct

What European country controlled Nigeria in the first half of the 1900s?

the british took control of nigeria in the early 1900s. nigeria became its ows country in 1900s.

What would happen if a loggerhead became extinct?

If it became extinct, then there would be more of the species of food it ate, and it won't be balanced.

Why did the Woolly Mammoths became extinct?

The Woolly Mammoths became extinct of the Ice Meltdown a very long time ago

Mammals became dominant only after?

after dinsaurs became extinct

Were koalas almost extinct in the early 1900s?

yes, but a law was past that said DO NOT KILL KOALAS

When did the javan tiger get extinct?

The javan tiger became extinct around 1980.

What animals became extinct because of disease?

you know why which ones are extinct schoopid

What will happen when the producers become extinct?

the consumers will die if producers became extinct

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