What became of Cargo Furniture and Accents?


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Pier 1 bought it


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Amazon offers all kinds of Living accents patio furniture. You may want to visit also sears. I know they do carry living accents especially that they are on sale these days.

Living Accents patio furniture is sold at a variety of stores. Walmart is one of the locations that carries them, also Lowe's and Sears may carry some of the stock.

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Robert Michael's Furniture store is indeed a good store. They have furniture for living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, entertainment, mattress, and accents.

Bob Furniture also known as Bob's Discount Furniture sells a great selection of affordable furniture and home accents. Bob's Furniture has sofas, chairs, bedroom sets, mattresses, electric fireplaces, and rugs.

If your Living Accents patio furniture has seen better days, then you can learn how to efficiently clean your outdoor furniture. Starting with the upholstery, use a good upholstery cleaner. If there are stains on the upholstery, try using a laundry stain removal. The products you use on the frame of your furniture will depend on the material it is made out of. For wood, use a good wood cleaner and follow with a wood protector.

Furniture Factory Outlet World which is located in North Carolina has a website which sells various pieces of furniture. They have a wide assortment of sofas, chairs, tables, and various furniture accents which may be suitable.

Ashley Furniture features a wide array of selections in living rooms, bedrooms, bunkbeds, dining rooms, home entertainment, recliners, lamps, accents, mattresses and much more.

It was purchased by Pier 1 Imports in 2001.

I am not sure. I have been wondering the same. I think it was a Texas thing and I haven't lived in Texas for many years, but loved Cargo furniture. Looks like you can still buy new cushion's online.

The Brick is a furniture warehouse. The Brick sells many different home furnishings and furniture like; couches, beds, tables, home accents, and even electronics.

You can usually find your friendly neighborhood average Joes riding in either a 3 tonne or 5 tonne cargo truck moving furniture.

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I am not sure exactly what you are looking for but I have a very large assortment of ormolu pieces for attachment as adormnent to furniture. I would be interested in selling some of them if you are still in the market. Please respond here if interested and we can connect. My pieces all originate for me in Brazil where my grandparents were in the furniture business but I believe them to originally be French. offers a wide array of traditional furniture and home accents. The site often offers sales and you can almost always expect at least a 10% discount. Because most of the furniture is shipped from local warehouses, the delivery fees are more in line with traditional furniture stores and the delivery time usually takes just a few days.

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