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I do not know if this would be helpful to you, but a Frederick Boldenweck is mentioned in '*Who's Who in Chicago' 1931; 'merchant; April 14,1842-September 30,1929. See Who's Who in Chicago,1926.'

  • 'The Book of Chicagoans' was first published in 1905. The title was changed to 'Who's Who in Chicago' with the publication of the edition of 1926.
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What was Chicagos first NBA team?

== == The Chicago Bulls

Where on The Bishops Avenue is the house called Tower?

towe on bishops avenue was Gracie fields old home that became a maternity hospital

I there a hire a youth in garland Texas?

chicagos gangster nickname "scarface"

What is chicagos' 2nd largest airport?

midway international.. jeopardy? ;)

What is chicagos rank in size?

3rd largest city in the US by population

What is Chicagos famous industries?

museum of science and industy is the only 1 i know

What is called chicagos front yard?

I believe that term refers to Lake Michigan.

What is shake it up chicagos address?

I dont know but I wish I knew too.

Lou Malnati's Taste Of Chicago?

Get $5 discount on Tastes of Chicagos grill combo.

What are the avenues in a monopoly game?

States avenue, Baltic avenue, New York avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Mediterranean avenue, Virginia avenue, Illinois avenue, Indiana avenue, Oriental avenue, Vermont avenue, Connecticut avenue, Tennessee avenue, Ventnor avenue, Atlantic avenue, Pacific avenue, North Carolina avenue, and Pennsylvania avenue.

What is the street name the White House is on?

Pennsylvania AvenuePennsylvania AvenuePennsylvania AvenuePennsylvania AvenuePennsylvania AvenuePennsylvania Avenue

When did New York City's First Avenue become a one way street?

On June 4, 1951 First Aveune (uptown) and Second Avenue (downtown) became one way north of Houston Street.

Chicagos transportation in 1500-1600's?

None. Chicago did not exist in 1500-1600's.

When is David Boreanaz's next personal appearance?

David will be at Phillys and chicagos comicon in July and August. or it could be June

Which twelve avenues meet at which famous landmark in Paris?

Avenue de WagramAvenue Mac-MahonAvenue CarnotAvenue de la Grande-ArméeAvenue FochAvenue Victor-HugoAvenue KléberAvenue d'IénaAvenue MarceauAvenue des Champs-ÉlyséesAvenue de FriedlandAvenue Hoche

Monopoly street names?

baltic avenue mederainen avenue reading railroad connecticut avenue vermont avenue oration avenue states avenue st. charles avenue illinois avenue electric company new york avenue boardwalk park place water works Atlantic avenue Pennsylvania avenue Virginia avenue St. james place Tennessee avenue indiana avenue kentucky avenue venter avenue marvin gardens north carolina avenue pacific avenue short line railroad B. & O. railroad pennsylvania railroad.

On an English Monopoly board what are the sites?

Boardwalk, st James place, states avenue, Mediterranean avenue, Marvin gardens, vent nor avenue, electric company, short line, pacific avenue, Pennsylvania avenue, new York avenue, Tennessee avenue, Atlantic avenue, Indiana avenue, Kentucky avenue, oriental avenue, park place, water works, Virginia avenue, st charles place, reading railroad, b and o railroad, Pennsylvania railroad, Baltic avenue, Connecticut avenue, Vermont avenue, Illinois avenue, north Carolina avenue

What are the properties called on the monopoly board?

Assuming you mean the original game Boardwalk Park Place Pennsylvania Avenue North Carolina Avenue Pacific Avenue Marvin Gardens Atlantic Avenue Ventnor Avenue Illinois Avenue Indiana Avenue Kentucky Avenue New York Avenue Saint James Place Tennessee Avenue Virginia Avenue States Avenue Saint Charles Place Connecticut Avenue Oriental Avenue Vermont Avenue Baltic Avenue Mediterranean Avenue Utilities: Electric Company and Water Works Railroads: Pennsylvania, Reading, B&O, and Short Line

What avenue is avenue of the Americas?

Avenue of the Americas is the legal name of Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. Locals still call it Sixth Avenue.

What it Chicagos state bird?

Chicago does not have a unique state bird. If you mean what is the Illinois state bird that would be the northern cardinal

Where is the keycard in sift heads world 2?

it is in the garage in chicagos headquarter you might see something shining on the right table

What is the antonym for avenue?

There is no antonym for avenue; the opposite of avenue, street, or road is the absence of an avenue, street, or road.

What is the zip code of 12th Street on the East Side of Manhattan?

Either 10003 or 10009.If the address is between 5th Avenue and 1st Avenue, it's 10003. If it's between 1st Avenue and the East River, it's 10009.The 10003 avenues, from west to east, go: 5th Avenue ---> University Place ---> Broadway ---> 4th Avenue ---> 3rd Avenue ---> 2nd Avenue ---> 1st Avenue.The 10009 avenues, from west to east, go: 1st Avenue ---> Avenue A ---> Avenue B ---> Avenue C ---> Avenue D.

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