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Q: What behavior do allosaurus have?
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How was the Allosaurus's behavior?

it harmful,vicious and restless

What are the behavioral adaptations of the Allosaurus?

Behavior adaptations of the Allosaurus is to kill other dinosaurs and eat them. So pretty much hunt them!

How did the allosaurus mate?

how did allosaurus mate

What is the Allosaurus common name?


What is the other name of Allosaurus?

There is one accepted species in the genus Allosaurus, and its Latin name is Allosaurus fragilis. There are no other names for Allosaurus. However, there is one very famous Allosaurus skeleton that is affectionately called "Big Al."

Who where the allosaurus' enemies?

torvosaurus was a little larger and more threatening then allosaurus while dilophosaurus could have hunted in packs trying to take down an adult allosaurus. ceratosaurus could have potentially killed smaller juvenile allosaurus while large adults rarely preyed on ceratosaurus and dilophosaurus.

What type of allosaurus is classified?

There were many species of allosaurs. Allosaurus Fragilis, Allosaurus Atrox, and Allosaurus Amplexus, plus others. Some were nearly as large as T Rex.

Why did Brontosaurus get attacked by Allosaurus?

allosaurus is hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many horn does allosaurus have?

Allosaurus did not have horns.

What animal today came from the allosaurus?

No descendants of Allosaurus exist today. However, birds evolved from other carnivorous dinosaurs, which were relatives of Allosaurus. Thus, the closest living relatives of Allosaurus are birds. All birds are equally related to Allosaurus.

Why is allosaurus called allosaurus?

The name Allosaurus means "strange lizard" because of the unusual crests above its eyes.

What is the allosaurus nickname?

Allosaurus doesn't actually have a nickname. However, there is a particular Allosaurus skeleton that is nicknamed "Big Al."

What is allosaurus latin name?

"allosaurus" (different lizard)

How many teeth does allosaurus have?

how many teeth does allosaurus have

When did allosaurus die?

Most Allosaurus would have been killed by predators, other Allosaurus, or in struggles with prey or disease very young. The maximum lifespan of Allosaurus was about 28 years. If you are asking when Allosaurus went extinct, they died out about 150 million years ago.

How did Allosaurus attack Apatosaurus when Allosaurus is smaller than Apatosaurus?

Allosaurus can take down a apatosaurus because it hunted in packs.

What is the Allosaurus scientific name?

There is one accepted species in the Allosaurus genus. Its full Latin (or scientific) name is Allosaurus fragilis.

Allosaurus scientific name?

The Type Species is Allosaurus fragilis.There are currently 8 potential species of Allosaurus - but paleontologists still need to sort them out to determine which are legitimate species and which are actually duplicates of the others (or not even allosaurus at all) since most of them are identified from rather fragmentary remains:Allosaurus fragilisAllosaurus amplexusAllosaurus atroxAllosaurus europaeusAllosaurus jimmadseniAllosaurus lucasi,Allosaurus amplusAllosaurus maximus

Does anything eat the allosaurus?

No, allosaurus was the top predatore of its age.

What does the name of allosaurus mean?

Allosaurus means "Different Lizard".

What is the allosaurus' scientific name?

Allosaurus fragillis

How heavy was a Allosaurus?

Weight estimates for Allosaurus, as with any dinosaur, are difficult. Weight estimates for Allosaurus range from 2,200 lb to 8,800 lb.

Are there any current living animals that are related to the allosaurus?

The closest living relatives of the Allosaurus are the birds. All birds are equally related to Allosaurus.

What is the meing of a allosaurus?

Allosaurus means "different lizard." At the time of its discovery, Allosaurus appeared to have vertebrae that were different from other dinosaurs, hence the name.

What is the weight of a allosaurus?

Weight estimates for Allosaurus, as with any dinosaur, are difficult. Weight estimates for Allosaurus range from 2,200 lb to 8,800 lb.