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seven sacraments , the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist

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Q: What beliefs did the catholic church affirm at the council of Trent?
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How did the catholic church reform itself in response to the protestant changes Council of Trent?

The Council of Trent was responsible for reaffirming Church beliefs.

What was the purpose of the Council of Trent?

To examine and make clear beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church.

Was the Council of Jerusalem the first great council of the catholic church?

It was the first great council of the Catholic Church.

Catholic beliefs in bible?

All of the beliefs in the Bible are Catholic, the Bible was written by Catholics, and the New Testament that we use today was approved by the Catholic Church in 390 AD at the Council of Rome.

Why did the Church call the Council of Trent?

The Council of Trent was part of the Catholic Counter-Reformation, the Catholic Church's first significant reply to the growing Protestants Reformation. The primary purpose of the council was to condemn and refute the beliefs of the Protestants, such as Martin Luther and John Calvin, and also to make the set of beliefs in Catholicism even clearer.

Was the Council of Trent a meeting of the Protestant leaders as they attempted to revolt against the Catholic Church?

Catholic AnswerThe Council of Trent was the 19th Ecumenical Council of the Holy Catholic Church, a meeting of Bishops, called by the Holy Father, in order to deal with the abuses in discipline which had lead to the protestant revolt. It condemned the beliefs of the protestants.

Where did the Catholic church council occur?

Which one?

What were Cardinal Richelieu's beliefs?

.Catholic AnswerCardinal Richelieu was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, his beliefs were Christian.

What year did the Council of Trent meet to to discuss the Catholic Church?

The Council of Trent was the ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church that convened from 1545 to 1563. In response to the Protestant Reformation, key statements and clarifications regarding church doctrine, teaching, and practice were prepared.

What city was a catholic church council held?


What were the Jesuit order Council of Trent reforms and responses of the Catholic Church?

.Catholic AnswersThe Jesuit Order was one of the major spearheads in enacting the reforms of the Council of Trent in the Catholic Church.

Why was Galileo Galilei punished by Roman Catholic for his beliefs?

His discoveries challenged beliefs promoted by the Catholic Church.

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