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What benefit plants might get by causing red blood cells to clump together?

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Plants don't have red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the heart and lungs of animals, not plants. Plants take in CO2 and expel O2, so plants don't need red blood cells.

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What causes blood to clump?

Positively charged Fats, proteins platelets and toxins in the blood get in between negatively charged red blood cells, causing the red blood cells to stick together.

What is the benefit of blood in bags?

The benefit of blood in bags is that when a serious accident occurs and we need to give blood to the patient, after verifying what blood group he/she belongs to we can donate them blood.

Do carnivorous plants have blood?

No, carnivorous plants do not have blood.

Do plants have white blood?

Plants have sap - not blood.

How do saturated fats affect blood?

it does affect the blood vessels causing the blood vessels to build up with plaque causing hypertension (high blood pressure)

How plants produce blood cells?

Plants do not have blood so they do not produce blood cells.

What are some examples of mutualism commensalism and parasitism?

Mutualism- *Humans and Plants (We breathe out carbon dioxide then the plants absorb it then release oxygen.... etc.) Humans and plants both benefit from this relationship Commensalism- *Killdeer Birds and Cape Buffalo (the Killdeer Bird lies down on the buffalo and the buffalo protects the Bird. But the bird DOES NOT harm the buffalo.) Birds benefit, but Cape Buffalo is not affected. Parasitism- *Ticks and Humans (The ticks suck the blood and is therefore benefited, but does not benefit the human, but harms them instead.) The ticks benefit, but humans are harmed.

If you found a trail of blood with droplets that are very close together what could this mean?

It would mean that what ever is causing the blood to drip, is moving slowly. Try it out with water, you'll see what i mean.

What is an example of communalism?

The relationship between humans and mosquitoes could be considered an example of communalism. The mosquito consumes the human's blood for its own benefit while inconveniencing and causing harm to the human.

Do plants have blood?

They don't have blood!

What blood cells fight disease-causing organisms in the blood?

White Blood Cells

Can type O blood benefit people with type B?

Type O blood is considered the universal blood donation type. Someone with type O blood can donate their blood to anyone of any blood type. So yes, your mother could definitely benefit from your blood if you were to donate it to her.

What is the gerund in this sentence causing constriction of blood vessels is one function of the pituitary gland?


What blood cells engulfing eating disease causing bacteria is an example of what?

White blood cells engulfing and destroying disease-causing bacteria is an example of immunity.

How does the muscular system benefit the blood?

keeps blood moving through the heart and vessels

Are blood cells from a producer or consumer?

consumers. produces are living things such as plants. plants dont have blood.

How do leeches benefit from sucking blood?

It makes it healthier

Can drinking blood benefit a boxer?

No it can not help the boxer.

Is blood a good fertilizer for plants?

I'm not really sure about this but i don't think that blood has all the nutrients that plants need so I'm going to say that blood is NOT a good fertilizer for plants

Which part of the blood helps to fight disease causing microbes?

The white blood cells

What are the effects of smoking on your heart?

Heart attack Blood clot to the heart your heart will run in overdrive and your arteries will clog up causing a blood clot causing death.

What happens after a heartbeat?

The heart has 2 tubes from it, one for the the first beat causing the blood o circulate out, and the other to come back. Causing the blood to go were it needs to.

What is blood of plants?


What is the circulation system of plants?

Plants do not have a bloodstream, or blood for that matter.

What is the benefit to the patient of blood salvage?

The patient benefits from blood salvage by the elimination of the risk of blood-transmitted virus or blood transfusion reactions.