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what benefits of execise affect the mental emotional health of an individual

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Q: What benefits of exercise affect the mental-emotional health of an individual?
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How does place affect your exercise?

our heart mostly affect from exercise

Does hemophilia affect the heart?

No, hemophilia has no direct affects on an individuals heart. As with any individual, lack of exercise can lead to heart trouble.

How does exercise affect aging?

Aging naturally affects a variety of processes in the human body. Exercise has many positive benefits that prevent or slow the age-related deterioration of brain, nerve, and muscle functions.

How does a treadmill affect your health?

There are many people who do not exercise simply because they don't know what to do or exercise is inconvenient. A simple treadmill exercise routine is the answer for many people as it is convenient, readily can fit into one's schedule, offers healthy benefits and can be fun too

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How does exercise affect heartbeats?

Exercise increases heart rate.

How can exercise affect your health?

Exercise is good for our body,but if you eat less and exercise more it can affect your health.It can cause joint pain,weight losse.t.c.

How does exercise affect your breathing full explanation with images?

How does exercise affect your breathing? Not getting enough exercise to help exercise your lungs could cause you to have a flat chest and rounded shoulders.

Does exercise affect your heart?

It does affect. It helps your heart and your body.

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