What best describes Earths North magnetic pole?

Your expression, 'earth's north magnetic pole' is, at best, confusing. Are you referring to 'Magnetic North', which is a location and not the polarity of that location? Or are you referring to the magnetic polarity of this location, which is a south pole?

If the former, then a compass indicates the direction of Magnetic North. If the latter, then earth's north magnetic pole is located at Magnetic South. In other words, a compass needle points to Magnetic North because it is attracted by its south magnetic polarity.

Just to expand somewhat on this answer... 'Magnetic North' and 'Magnetic South' are so-named to differentiate their locations from 'True North' and 'True South'. In other words, 'Magnetic North' and 'Magnetic South' are locations and not magnetic polarities. In fact, the magnetic polarity of True North is a south pole, and the magnetic polarity of True South is a north pole. I would also argue that the terms 'Magnetic North (or South) Pole' is confusing, because the location is not really a 'pole' in either the geographic or magnetic sense. By calling Magnetic North, a 'pole' causes confusion, making some students confuse their location ('Magnetic North') with their polarity ('south')!

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