What best snooker cues to buy?

There is no "best snooker cue", conversely to tennis rack a snooker cue is not just a tool to strike balls with, it is an extension of your arm as described by Dennis Taylor, former snooker player and a veteran snooker commentator. This is why most snooker players prefer not to change their cue's and some use the same cue for 30 years.

Stephen Hendry, 7 times World Snooker Championship used through out his career until 2003 a 40 GBP cue which he bought when he was 14 years old. This proves that it is not the cue but it is the cue-er.

There are many high quality snooker cue brands but it all comes down to your preference. John Parris is a very famous cue maker and many snooker professionals use his cues. Mike Wooldridge, Accurate, Master cues, O'min and Cuecraft are all high quality well known brands.

I would personally advise you to buy a quality snooker cue that does not come with thick polish layers even if it will slightly cost you but taking good care of the cue means it will stick with you for the rest of your life and when improving in the game, you wouldn't feel that the piece of wood you are carrying is cheap and it is time to change it.