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There are website that go into a lot of detail on this. However I have a 30 inch inseam and I take a 58 cm road bike or an 18 inch mountain bike. Road bikes are measured in cm, moutnain bikes in inches.

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What are some good tips for someone who has been in a bicycle accident?

"Some good tips for someone who has already been in a bicycle accident would be to make sure you always were a helmet, make sure you wear bright colored clothing, make sure you have reflectors and a light on your bicycle, and make sure to let someone know when you are going out for a ride and the course you are going to take."

Why should people ride a bicycle?

Riding a bicycle is good exercise.

How are diamonback bicycle?

diamondback is a good bicycle for cruising, but not for extreme riding or jumping

Is it good to bicycle in the evening?


Where might someone find a good deal on a bicycle trainer?

There are websites that compare prices, for example Nextag, BestCovery and Yahoo! Shopping. On these websites you can look up the bicycle trainer that you want to buy and find the store that has the best deal for it.

When to use the word has or have?

Examples... We both have bicycles. I have a brand new bicyle. He has an old bicycle. His bicycle has a flat tyre. My bicycle has good tyres.

How to say have a good bicycle ride in french?

'to have a good bicycle ride' is translated "faire un bon tour de vélo" in French.

Why is a bicycle good for the environment?

it reduces less pollution

Why they have bicycle?

If you mean why bicycles are useful:Good ExerciseGood for the environmentFun!

What stores have good bikes?

Bicycle stores have good bikes, not department stores.

Is using stationary bicycle good exercise for 50 yr old woman?

Bicycle riding- even on a stationary bicycle - will offer a good, low impact cardio workout. As long as the boredom doesn't kill you, and as long it does get you decently sweaty and winded, it will be a good exercise. Or at least better than not doing it.

How do bicycle chains work?

A bicycle chain is a roller chain that transfers power from the pedals to the drive-wheel of a bicycle.This a good resources if you want to know more:

What is a good bicycle for a 400 lb man?

Day6 Samson.

Can a bicycle be considered both a capital and consumer good?


Does Wisconsin have bicycle helmet laws?

No, Wisconsin does not have a bicycle helmet law, but it is good to wear one to protect your head and your brain from severe damage.

Who makes Reebok bikes?

I'm afraid they're just cheap Chinese made bicycles sold at sporting good stores. If you really care to have a good bicycle, hit a bicycle shop.

What are the Huffy good vibrations bicycle model years?

What are the huffy good vibrations model years

Advantage and disadvantage of bicycle?

the rider has to be the power source.none, its good!

Where do you get a unicycle?

at a bicycle shop or there is a really good website called

What condition was each bicycle Justin Lebo bought in?

Not very good.

What is a good way to go green?

Sell your car and buy a bicycle.

Why rubber is good for making bicycle tires?

it wouldn't slip and slide

Can i use my iphone light as a bicycle headlight?

I guess you could....I mean you could turn it on and then strap/tape it to your bicycle handles, but this wouldn't be a good idea. ;)

Where is the best place to go to buy good mountain bikes?

A proper bicycle store with good reputation.

what are locations of local resale shops for used kitchen,restaurant equiptment?

March Quality Used & New is a good source 930 W Fullerton Ave, Addison, IL - (630) 627-3031