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Q: What bigger engine will fit in a 1986 Honda Prelude SI?
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What engine do you have in your1986 Honda Prelude 2.0si?

The 1986 Honda prelude 2.0 Si has a A20a3.

Does 86 Honda Prelude have clutch cable?

The 1986 Honda Prelude does not have a clutch cable. The 1986 Prelude has a hydraulic clutch instead of the clutch cable.

1986 Honda prelude transmission fluid?


How do i fix a low idle on a 1986 Honda prelude 2.0 si?

my Honda prelude 1986 si wants to cut off after its warmed up . any sugestions on what ot could be

Where is the voltage regulator on an older 1986 Honda Prelude?

is inside the alternater

How do you remove a rear strut on a 1986 Honda Prelude?

inside the trunk?

What does PGM-FI mean on a 1986 Honda Prelude?

Programed Fuel Injection

Where is the horn located on a 1986 Honda prelude si?

On the crossbars of the steering wheel.

How do you clean the carburetor on a 1986 Honda Prelude?

Make sure your computer has no viruses

Stuck open thermostat make it run hot 1986 Honda prelude?

No, generally an open or missing thermostat will make the engine run too cool.

Can you put the electric dash out of an 1986 Honda Vigor into a 1986 Honda Prelude and is it just a case of plugging it in?

the dashes are pretty similar but some of the plugs are different.

What size engine does a 1986 Honda Accord DX have?

A 1986 Honda Accord has a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine

Do a1986 Honda accord and Honda Prelude have the same tramission?

They do if it is an automatic transmission. The Prelude (except Si) has the same manual transmission as well. The Prelude Si has a slightly different manual transmission, but it will still fit into a 1986-1989 Accord.

Half-shaft 1986 Honda Prelude SI?

its like my 91 Prelude 5 speed transmission is stuck in 2 gears.It is wielded.

Will the engine from a 1996 Honda accord fit into a 1986 Honda civic?


What is the engine oil capacity for a 1986 Honda VT1100c Shadow?

The 1986 Honda 1100 cc engine oil capacity is three pints. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the engine oil.

Does a 1986 Honda Prelude have fuel injection?

Yes Actually they can have either. The "S" models are carbs. The "Si" models are fuel injected.

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1986 Honda Prelude?

Most vehicle manufacturers now put the regulator inside the alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1986 Honda Prelude carb engine 1.8?

it is inside the alternator. If the voltage regulator goes bad you have to change the whole alternatorAnswerIn your 1986 Honda prelude the voltage regulator should be separate from the Alternator. It should be a small black square with a five wire connector if i remember right. It should be mounted on the passenger side strut bubble inside the engine bay. Between the battery and the strut bubble and between the under hood fuse box and the engine. It is held on by two 10mm bolts. I know that this is where the voltage regulator is on my 1985 Honda prelude with the 1.8l carbed engine and since the 84-87 were mostly the same it should be the same on yours.

Does a 1986 Honda prelude is faster than a 1986 corolla trueno 4age?

This is the most gramatically incorrect question ever, but I belive the Corlolla is faster on a racetrack.

What year is Honda cr500 engine PEO2E55005?


What fuel injected engine can you swap into a 1986 Honda Accord?

locate a LX-i engine for it

Location of oil pressure switch on a 1986 Honda prelude 2.0 motor?

on top of oil filter plate it has one wire

How can you increase the horsepower in a 1986 Honda prelude si?

add an air intake and full exhaust system if you havent yet done that

Can you change the computer in a 1986 prelude si to get more power out of a 2.0 fi motor?

The computer on a 1986 Honda Prelude Si can be upgraded but the harness will need to be updated as well. This is done using a wire harness conversion kit. The kit will allow for a tunable ECU.