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it lives in the temperate

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Q: What biome does a mountain goat live in?
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What biome is the mountain goat in?


What biome does the mountain goat live in?

Usually mountainous biomes such as the Alps.

What anamals live on mountain?

Mountain Goat!!! Lol! Mountain Goat!!! Lol! Mountain Goat!!! Lol!

What animals live in the mountain biome?

Chinchilla Vicuna (accent over the "n") Snow Leopard Andean Condor Llamas Alpaca Mountain Goat

What animals live on the mountain?

A mountain goat

What ecosystems does a mountain goat live in?

they live in mountains

What animal live in alpine biome? -Alpaca -Andean Condor -Chinchilla -Llama -Mountain goat -Snow Leopard -Vicuna -Yak

Where does a mountain goat live?

A mountain goat lives in mountainous areas around the world. Mountain sheep are also known as Rocky Mountain sheep.

Do moose live in the Mountain Biome?

yes they do

Is there a river were mountain goat live?


What is the food chain of the alpine biome?

Bear Grass-Mountain Goat-Snow Leopard-human(maybe)

Do goats live in the Himalayas?

Three species of mountain goat live in the Himalayas: the Ibex, the markhor, and the wild goat.

What are some herbivores that live in the alpine?

mountain hare, mountain goat, chinchilla

Are there producers in the alpine biome?

yes, plants like dawarf shrubs and herbivore animals like the mountain goat

What continent does a mountain goat live in?

The Rocky Mountain goat is found exclusively on the continent of North America. They are noted for their ability to climb mountains.

What is the name of a mountain goat?

It is called a Mountain goat, can also be called Rocky Mountain goat.

Does a mountain goat live in an alpine tundra?

Yes, The mountain goat lives in the alpine tundra because it likes the rocky terrain and can handle it well.

What biome do mountain gorillas live in?

They live in the tropical rainforests or cloud forests of Africa.

Where is the mountain goat on poptropica?

What mountain goatthere is not one

Is a mountain goat a herbivore?

Yes, a mountain goat is a herbivore.

What eats a mountain goat?

Cougars, mountain lions, and humans are common predators of the mountain goat. The mountain goat itself is a herbivore and does not prey on any animals.

What are mountain goat perches called?

A perch for a mountain goat is a ledge.

What type of animals live in Asia?

deer and mountain goat ,bear,fish

What biome was the middle colonies in?

forest biome and a mountain biome

What lives in a mountain?

All i know is a mountain goat, and i know that all of you know that a mountain goat lives in a mountain.