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according to the specks I found you should not have to update the bios to run that card but if you got this mo board in a pre bundled system it may have been changed or special ordered by that manufacturer for various reasons.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-06 22:29:38
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Q: What bios version is needed to make 8X agp cards work on a p4vxasd2 motherboard?
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Can your elitegroup motherboard p4vxasd2 v3.3 with a 4x agp support can support 8x agp vga cards?

I'm sure it will, it will just run at 4X.

Can a p4vxasd2 motherboard support pcie or agp 8x video cards?

NO pci-e only agp4x no 8x. you have an ecs board.

What types of cards are attached to the motherboard and have expansion cards plug into them instead of the motherboard?


What are the three major cards of motherboard?

Sound Cards , Vga Cards , Internt Cards

What are the cards which we can connect to the motherboard?

this is entirely dependent on what connections the motherboard has available

How sli work?

Connect the cards to the motherboard and use the jumper which came with the motherboard to connect the 2 cards together ,and there you go!

What is the purpose of a expansion slot on the motherboard?

it is used to connect expansion cards to the Motherboard

What do expansion cards plug into?

The motherboard.

WHAT DO you mean AGP in motherboard?

It is the Accelerated Graphics Port on a motherboard for attaching graphics cards.

What are removable circuit boards that are inserted into slots on the motherboard to expand the capabilities of the motherboard?

Pci cards

What are removable circuit boards that are inserted into slots on the motherboard to expand the capabilities of the motherboard called?


Where can you find cheap 945GM graphics cards?

You can't. They do not come on cards; they are integrated into a motherboard.

What can you plug into your motherboard to provide additional functionality to your computer?

Expansion cardsExpansion cards

Is the motherboard the same as the CPU?

No, the motherboard is the large circuit board that the CPU, Memory, and the expansion cards plug into.

What are the advantages of having built in Video Cards on your motherboard?

What are the advantages to having a built in video card on your motherboard

What are removable circut boards that are inserted into slots on the motherboard to expand the capabilities of the motherboard called?

pci cards

What plugs into the expansion slots on the motherboard?

Expansion cards

Is RAM on the motherboard?

Yes RAM that is used on the computer is integrated within the motherboard itself. RAM is needed to run every application on a computer or web Browser so every motherboard has a set amount of RAM that is integrated within it when it is built. You can increase the amount of RAM for your computer by putting in RAM cards in rectangular expansion slots that are on the motherboard itself.

Are circuit boards installed in long narrow slots on the motherboard called expansion cards?

Yes they are... The motherboard is a large, square circuit board, containing lots of sockets. Expansion cards are rectangular circuit boards that slot into the sockets on the motherboard.

How are device drivers used?

The device driver used to enhanced the function of the device that are supported by motherboard. Especially the video cards or graphics cards, sound cards and LAN cards. It help the motherboard to read and allows the drivers to properly function. The device driver are the files or data that help the motherboard to process all the the devices like input and output devices.

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What makes sure all of the computer parts work together?

There are a number of things that make the personal computer tick. The main piece of hardware in a PC would have to be the motherboard, or main board. The motherboard is where all expansion cards (video cards, network cards, sound cards, R.A.M.) get plugged in, also hard drives connect to the motherboard, as do DVD ROMS and disk drives. The motherboard also houses the processor, or CPU (central processing unit) The power supply or PSU also gets connected to the motherboard, the motherboard then distributes power to all the components of the system.

What is intigrated motherboard?

An integrated motherboard is one which has some of the "cards" built-in, such as NIC (Network Interface Card) and VGA (display).

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Why is a motherboard called a motherboard and not a fatherboard Why mother?

Its called a motherboard because of its capability to extend its capabilities with the addition of "daughterboards" or add on cards.see: