What bird family has families called Alcedinidae Halcyonidae and Cerylidae?

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How did the tit family get their name birds?

The word refers to any of the small song birds of the Paridae family (the titmice) perhaps stemming from the Icelandic tittr - David Divers Wimborne UK

What is family?

Some people might define family as A group of people who often live together but also often live apart. Care, love and respect are some traditional family values but family may simply be a biological term for some people who attach little sentiment to it. .

What is a family?

...any combination of two or more persons who are bound together over time by ties of mutual consent, birth and/or adoption or placement and who, together, assume responsibilities for variant combinations of some of the following:. Physical maintenance and care of group members . Addition of new m ( Full Answer )

What is a family of horses called?

A family of group of horses is usually referred to as a herd. Some people may call them other names like pack, group, or pasture mates as well, depending on the context.

Why do penguins come from the family of the bird?

Penguins are considered birds because the only types of animals are amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and fish. A penguin doesn't seem like a fish because it doesn't have gills, nor does it stay underwater. Penguins aren't amphibians nor reptiles because of their traits and styles of their body ( Full Answer )

Are ducks in the bird family?

yes ducks are a type of bird they are called hola hola in hawi because it swims but is a bird so it is weird

Two birds of the same family do not have to be in the same?

No, they do not. In natural selection, there is a part called: inherited variation. It means that every individual has its own combination of traits. Each living off-spring has maybe similar, but not always identical to its parents. Hope this helped. :)

What is the name of the family of meat-eating birds?

there are alot of those birds I know that Owls,Eagles,and Hawks eat meat.(Eagles,and Hawks eat other birds too!)If you want alot of information you should search the web. (Google.com Wikipedia.org etc.)

Are chickens in the bird family?

Yes, chicken is a bird. Like all other birds, it belongs to thefollowing classification: . Kingdom: Animalia . Phylum: Chordata . Class: Aves Aves is Latin for "bird". Yes, chickens are birds.

How do you fix bird bath on virtual families?

Step 1 The hardest part about fixing the birdbath is waiting for the part to show up in the store under the category of varied items. You can start looking for it as soon as you start the game and if you don't have two adults when it's in the store, buy it and keep it in your items tray until yo ( Full Answer )

How do you fix the bird bath on virtual families?

First of all you have to wait until a blue and green pump shows up in the store. Buy that pump and place it next to the birdbath. Then move two people (two adults not children) to the birdbath and they should fix it. If they don't then try moving them again. Hope i was helpful to you. :-)

If your family and not immediate family then what are you called?

Well, it depends. Family is such a strong word. When u say immediate family, i believe ur referring to family thats not related. Even if your not related to someone, you could still be considered family. But it depends on the relationship you have with them. Are you VERY close to them or do you bare ( Full Answer )

What family do birds belong to?

Birds belong to variety of families, so it's not possible to group them all into one family. However, all birds belong to the class Aves.

Are the chat family of birds talking birds?

NO,chats are thrushlike birds that live in a wide range of habitats,from semidesert to woodland to the sides of rivers . most chats feed on insects,which the birds catch with their thin bills while in flight or on ground after swooping down from a perch.chats include redstarts,nightingales and robin ( Full Answer )

What are the animals in the cattle family called?

Scientifically speaking, they are Bovines, belonging to the Bos genus of the Bovidae family. In laymans' or "urbanite" terms, the animals part of a "cattle family" include the bull (sire), the cow (dam) and the calf (offspring).

Which birds are part of the parrot family?

There are over 370 species of parrots worldwide. They include: . Cockatoos, including galahs, corellas and cockatiels . Budgerigars . Macaws . lorikeets . rosellas . lovebirds . conures . Amazons . Pionus . Kakapo (the world's only flightless parrot)

What has the church called 'the Christian family'?

Because GOD is the father and we are his children. When you become a Christian you become a member of his family. We as Christian are commanded to love one another as if we were blood brothers and sisters.

Why is Family Guy called Family Guy?

Because that's what Seth named his show, simple as that probably. Perhaps you should pose the question to him via his twitter account.

What Does Am Family Do?

American Family is an insurance company. American Family Services is a Pennsylvania non-profit church-assistance foundation.

What is john cena's family called?

This is rather complicated of an answer. The family is called the John Cena Famliy. Wow, it took me forever to find that out,I simply looked on Wikipedia because it apparently has everything.......

What are the birds in the partidge family?

Well theres a Sharon bird, and they have bright red feathers. A Zac bird has fluffy feathers and is quite an odd bird. An Emily bird is an obsessive crature, jumping on all black things that move. And a Sarah bird is annoying specimen.

What birds are in the red cardinal family?

Cardinals are Fringilids, New World seedeaters, including sparrows, finches, and grosbeaks. The cardinal is actually a grosbeak, related to the blue, rosebreasted, and black headed gosbeaks.

What is the smallest bird in the hawk family?

There is no clear cut definition of what constitutes a hawk, so experts disagree about which one is the smallest. Among accipiters, the smallest is the 11" long sharp-shinned hawk, similar in size to a blue-jay. The smallest buteo is the 15" long broad-winged hawk. The rough-legged hawk, is one of t ( Full Answer )

Does the kiwi bird live alone or with a family?

Kiwi live in population groups known as colonies. However, they do not socialise with other kiwi, and live in pairs with their own distinct territory, separate from that of other kiwi. Depending on the species, chicks only stay with their parents for a short time. They are old enough to leave the pa ( Full Answer )

Why is the string family called the string family?

It is called the string family because all the instruments in the sting family have 4 or more strings. the violin, viola, cello and double bass all have 4 stings where as the harp has 47 stings and 7 pedals.

What is the class order family genus of birds?

Here is the kingdom, phylum, and class if all birds. The order, family, and genus don't fit the whole section of birds because it gets too specific. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves

In what family of birds is a pigeon?

Pigeons are in the family Columbidae and it includes 310 species. They have stout bodies with short necks, and they have short slenders bills with fleshy ceres.