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mockingbirds bluejay !eh try Google! mockingbirds are cool they copy songs u sing or copy other birds songs~flo

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When was Song of the Birds created?

Song of the Birds was created in 1985-06.

How many pages does Song of the Birds have?

Song of the Birds has 120 pages.

Do mocking birds have their own song or do they copy another birds song?


In sympathy the birds song is a?

song of joy

When was King of Birds - song - created?

King of Birds - song - was created in 1987.

Are canaries singing birds?

Yes, song birds.

Four calling birds is an extract from which Christmas song?

Four calling birds is an extract from the song the Twelve Days of Christmas. The song originates in England in 1780 and the calling birds refers to "colly birds" or the European Blackbird.

What are the release dates for The Song Birds - 1920?

The Song Birds - 1920 was released on: USA: September 1920

What are the ratings and certificates for Song Birds - 1933?

Song Birds - 1933 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

When was Birds of a Feather - Phish song - created?

Birds of a Feather - Phish song - was created in 1998.

Who sang the song birds of prey?

Christina Aguilera (Birds of prey)

What are the release dates for The Song of the Birds - 1935?

The Song of the Birds - 1935 was released on: USA: 27 February 1935

Which birds are song birds?

Birds that are song birds belong to the passerine order. They are called the perching birds. They include many of the common, familiar birds such as blackbirds and robins. The reason they can sing is the special structure in their throats called the syrinx. Other birds, e.g. ostriches and pigeons lack this structure.

What are ladybugs hunted by?

song birds

Did DDT affect song birds?


Is a song bird a bird of prey?

Song birds are generally small garden birds, so called because of their singing. Birds of prey are bigger, and not known for their singing abilities, so in answer to your question, No, a song bird is not a bird of prey

Who sings the song fresh?

You can say that it might probably be birds(singing birds).

Which animals use song for courtship?

birds use song for courtship

Which group of birds does a songbird belong to?

Group of birds that song birds belong too are; Robins, warblers, and sporrows.

What actors and actresses appeared in Song of the Birds - 1949?

The cast of Song of the Birds - 1949 includes: Mae Questel as Little Audrey

Did dodo's sing a song?

no dodos are shy birds and most shy birds do not sing

What type of birds do you want to attract?

Sparrows , song birds , Dove , Mockingbirds , Hummingbirds ,

Are sparrows song birds?

of course they are stupid!

Whatsb the name of the song from the Washington lottery commercial that has hanggliding with flightless birds?

The song is called "Birds" and it's by Rob Simonsen. Check it out on Myspace!

Don't hit two birds with one stone?

"Two Birds, One Stone" is a Drop Dead, Gorgeous song not a Rolling Stones song.

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