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What body of water does the Seine River flow into?


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The Seine flows through Paris and eventually empties into the English Channel. The channel separates Britain from France.


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The river Seine is totally in France.

The Seine river flows through France.

The Seine River flows through Paris and Rouen

the Seine river flows from its source in Burgundy towards the English Channel.

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Three rivers that flow into the English Channel are the Thames River, Seine River, and the Rhine River. The Thames is in England, while the Seine and Rhine are in the European Continent.

The Siene River empties into the english chanel at Le Harve.

The Seine River flows through France, though it may seem big enough to flow through many countries, it does only flow through the one and only France.

The Red River flows into the Mississippi.

The Rhone and Seine rivers flow through France.

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St. Lawrence River at Montreal, Quebec.

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the river Seine does not run through Dijon. There are only two very small rivers called Ouche and Suzon.

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The European capital that the Seine River flows through is Paris, France. The Seine River has 37 bridges crossing over it in Paris.

The Seine flows into the English Channel, a strait between Great Britain and France.

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