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The western border of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea.

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The body of water that forms the western border of Georgia is the Black Sea.

The Mississippi River forms the state's western border. It separates Tennessee from Arkansas and Missouri.

The Dead Sea, The Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea border Israel

The body of water that forms the eastern border of AZERBAIJAN is the CASPIAN SEA.

The body of water that forms part of the border of Georgia is the black sea.

The south-western part of Alabama lies on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

No large body of water borders Vermont to the east. Lake Champlain forms part of Vermont's western border.

The Gulf of Mexico forms part of Alabama's southern border. Florida forms most of Alabama's southern border.

Israel is bounded on the west by the Mediterranean Sea.

The major source of water in israel is the Kinneret which located in the north east border(near Syria).

The Baltic Sea creates the northern border of Poland.

The Pacific Ocean and the Bearing Strait (just western Alaska)

Israel and Sudan don't share a border. Perhaps you're referring to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which shares part of its western border with Israel. Along that border rests a lake whose shore includes the lowest point on the Earth's surface, and whose waters are more saline than any other naturally occuring water on Earth. The lake is referred to in Hebrew as "YAHM ha-MEH-lakh" ... "Salt Sea", and in English as the "Dead Sea".

The river that forms the border of Washington to the south is the Columbia River. The Columbia eventually empties into Puget Sound.

Canada forms the entire northern border of the "lower 48" states either through land or water.

The Indian Ocean, Timor Sea, and the Great Australian Bight all border Western Australia. In the south is the Southern Ocean.

The Potomac River is the western boarder of Washington DC.

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