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The body part that is right under the right side of the rib cage is the right hip. The hip helps with walking and sitting and also protects organs that are lower in the body than the rib cage.

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What body part is located under your left rib cage?

The heart in the chest and the spleen in the abdomen.

Body part beginning with the letter R?

Right Arm Right Leg Right Hand Right Foot Retina (part of the eye) Rectum Ribs Rib Cage Rump

What body part has 3 of them?

rib cage

Pain under right back rib cage?

Could be kidney infection or other kidney problem, if the pain is under the bottom part of the ribs.

What body regions are located on the left and right sides and are covered by the lower ribs?

The lungs are in the lower part of the rib cage. The spleen is also near the bottom of the rib cage.

What part of your body is your ribs?

The bones that are right under your chest that protect your lungs

What is located under your right rib cage?

your right lung and part of your liver. the rest of the liver is unprotected and below your right rib. The right rib also covers your gall bladder and pancreas.

What part of the body acts like a cage what does it protect?

The ribcage acts as a cage and protects your vital organs.

What part of the skeleton give most protection to body part?

it should be the rib cage

What part of the body protects the lungs and heart?

that would be the rib cage

What part of the body are bat wings joined to?

its wrist to its rib cage

What part of the human body protects the lungs and heart?

The rib cage

Which part of the body the heart is found?

Just inside the rib cage

What organ is on the top right hand side of the rib cage?

The upper part of the rib cage contains only lungs.

What part of the body protects the heart stomach and lungs?

I guess its the rib cage....

What part of the body protects your lungs?

the ribs make a cage that protects your heart and lungs.

What could cause a tingling sensation in the right foot?

The tingling sensation is caused by the sudden rush of blood reaching a part which was pressed under something. If a part of your body is pressed under something too long, it will make a difficulty in for blood to reach that particular body part. When you remove your body part from getting pressed, there is a sudden rush as the blood flows into that body part. This causes the tingling sensation. I hop you have learnt something from this answer! :)

What part of the sharks body are the caudal fins located?

on the right side of the body. on the right side of the body.

Which part of your body protects your heart?

First of all it the heart is protected with pericardium and then by rib cage.

Where is your liver located on your body?

From another persons perspective, in the left just under the lung.

What is a body part that is distal to the right elbow?

Right forearm and right hand.

What organ is located under the lower rib cage on left side?

The Stomach. Also part of the bowel, and your spleen.

What is the part of the body where thermometers are placed when taking your body temperature?

under our arm

What is the part on the human body under the armpits?


How can you tell a girl toad from a boy toad?

A girl toad has a pink color at the under part of their body and a boy toad has an orange color at the under part of their body.