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What book contains the Letter to the Jews?

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What is the book that contains the word of god?

For Christians, the Bible For Muslims, the Qur'an For Jews, the Talmud

Does the Jews holy book have any commandments?

Yes, the Torah contains 613 commandments.

Which book of the bible contains the letter of prophet Jeremiah?

This would be the Bible Book of Jeremiah.

What has the holy book for the Jewish got in it?

The Torah contains God's narrative of the creation, the details of how people were created and then how the various nations and the Jews came to be. The Torah recounts the Jews' exodus from Egypt, and contains several hundred mitzvoth (commands) which God commanded the Jews.

How is the Torah so important to the Jews?

The Torah is the Jews' holy book. It contains the core guidelines for how Jews are expected to live as well as stories of Jewish history in addition to information for future generations.

Whose holy book is the Torah?

The Torah is the holy book of the Jews. It contains the first five books of the Tanakh. See the attached Related Question for more information.

What does the jews holy book contain?

It contains Jewish history and origins, laws and moral teachings. For more, see the attached Related Link.

What is a book that contains list of words that have similar meanings that letter should begin with the letter T fourth letter is s and ninth letter is also s?


What kind of Bible does a jewsih person worship with?

Jews do not worship with a bible, they pray with a siddur(prayer book). The siddur contains all Jewish prayers.

How do you make a ABC book on the middle ages?

Put the letter followed by a word that starts with that letter ex. A is for Anti-Semitism- predigest against Jews

What is the ISBN of Jews Against Zionism book?

The ISBN of Jews Against Zionism - book - is 0877226946.

Is a summary a book rewiew?

No. A summary only contains facts about a book. A book review contains opinions.

What does the old testiment contain?

it contains the tightass Jews

What is the ISBN of King of the Jews Nick Tosches book?

The ISBN of King of the Jews - Nick Tosches book - is 0066211182.

When was Jews Against Zionism - book - created?

Jews Against Zionism - book - was created in 1990.

What book do the Jews worship?

The Holy Book of the Jews is the Torah; but it must be pointed out that the Jews do not worship the Torah; they worship God.Many religions have a written book. To the best of my knowledge the book itself is not worshiped. The book records the precepts of the religion, and they are reference works for their religion.

What month contains the letter q?

There is not a month that contains the letter q in it .

4 letter word that begins with the letter J?

Jews. Jews has four letters. and gold.

How many pages does Jews Against Zionism - book - have?

Jews Against Zionism - book - has 269 pages.

Who are the ''people of the booK''?

Jews and Christians are the "people of the book."

The Torah is their holy book?

The Torah is the Jews holy book.

Is Daniel a major or minor prophet?

Jews regard the Book of Daniel as a Book of History, but Christians categorise it as a Major Prophets book. Biblical scholars say that the book was really written in the second century BCE and contains no genuine prophecies. Biblical scholars say Daniel was not a real person.

How many laws did the jews have?

The Torah contains 613 commands.

What happened to the foreign Jews that were expelled in the book Night?

The Jews were killed by the Germans.

Who were the Gentiles in the book of Matthew?

the Jews No, they were NOT the Jews. They were the heathen, the pagan, the non-Israelites.