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What is the largest wisdom book?

Do you want real truth and wisdom? Then read the Bible - the most wise and true book ever made. It was God inspired and includes the begining of us, and the foreshadowing of the end. :)

Is the Bible the most famous book?

For Christian's the the bible is the most famous book

What was the most quoted book of the Bible?

The most quoted book of the Bible I believe is Proverbs.

Is the bible the most bought book in 2009?

Here are facts. the bible is the most sold book, the most despised book and also the most burnt book in the world.

What book of the bible has most to say about Christ's advent?

what book in the bible says the most about christs advent

What book of the Bible has the most words?

The longest book of the Bible is Psalms.

What book in the Bible gives the most wisdom?

Christians across all denominations, and Jews of all branches are in agreement, that would be the Proverbs of Solomon called simply "Proverbs" in the Bible. [[User:|]]stardingo747

Is the most published book Tao or the Bible?


Could the Bible be better described as the book of wives tales?

No. There is much wisdom and sense in the bible, as with most religious texts. Though not historically accurate and often self contradictory there is still much to be said for all such works.

What is the most spiritual book in the Bible?

`The book of John

Why did Gutenberg choose the bible as the first book he wanted to print?

It was the most important book to him and the most desired book at the time. The Bible was (and still remains) the most published and commonly owned book in the World.

What book has the most words?

The bible

What is the most sold book?

The Bible

What is the most published book?


The most famous book?

The Bible.

What book in the Bible has most verses?

palsms No it is not Psalms which most of you thought. It is Ezekiel. Most of chapters of Psalms are short verses.

What is the meaning of law in the Bible?

For the most part, when the Bible speaks of 'the law' it is referring to God's Commands summarized in the well known Ten Commandments.

What is the name of the most well known book of the Bible?

probably genesis it is the very first book in the bible

Which book has the greatest number of chapter's in the bible?

Psalms has 150 chapters which is the most of any book in the bible.

What Is The most banned Book in America?

the bible is the most banned book in america, because it is the most known book in the world

What is the most famous book in America?

I believe the most famous book in America is the Bible.

Who is author of most published book in world?

The Bible is the most published book in the world.

What book of the bible mentions Aaron the most?

Aron is mentioned the most in the book of Exodus.

What all time record does the book of the bible hold?

The bible is inthe Guiness book of record as the most sold book ever.

What is the 2nd most commonly translated book after the Bible?

Quran, the Muslims holy book, is the second commonly translated book after the Bible.

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