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Geneses is a good book to read first. But it does not matter which book to read first. you choose any book of The Bible and read it,

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What are the best books of the bible to read first?

It is best to start at the beginning of the bible

How many rules are in the first five books of the bible?

Read the Torah first and youll figure out

What is acts in Bible?

It is one of the books of the Holy Bible to read.

Should Christians read books other than the Bible?

yes, or they are being willfully ignorant.

How should the books in the Bible be read?

With a humble heart and while trembling [Isa.66:2].

What was first the Bible or the Church?

Some books in the Bible were known before the Church. Like the Book of Isaiah that Jesus read in the synagogue.

What Bible should you read?

You should read the king James version of the bible.

How did affected the amercians people?

the change that the puritans made was that they were the first to learn how to read the bible in their own language and taught others and made books for children and read books to them.They also spead out the word of knowing how to read the bible and that's how we know how to speak and write the Bible and other books and the puritans are the people I'm doing my S.S project on

What books did Abraham Lincoln read?

Abraham Lincoln read the bible

What books of the bible should you read before going to Israel?

I would strongly recommend the first five books of the Bible, known as the Pentateuch, or at least the first four, which is the Torah. However, the entire Old Testament contains the history, traditions/customs of the Jewish people and it would come in handy.

Where in the bible was baseball first mentioned?

If you think baseball is mentioned in the bible, then you should re-read the bible. Then again it's always a quality idea to re-read it.

What books do satanists read like Christians read the Bible?

That would probably be 'The Satanic Bible' by Anton LaVey.

How many books in the new testament of the bible?

27 books and i have read 22 of them!

What are some things a new convert to Christianity Protestant should learn or read besides the bible or what books in the Bible first?

Any book of the Bible is wonderful ! A good start could be Psalms, Proverbs, and the Gospels (Matthew, Mark , Luke and John).

What do you do when you get a Bible?

Read it! Did you know that the bible is one of the best-selling books in the history of the world?

What books of the Bible should you read to prepare for a trip to Israel?

I think it'd be cool to read and study about Jesus's life and his time in Israel. Have fun on your trip!

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