What books were read on captain kangaroo in the 1960's?

Various juvenile tomes were handled on this program, often integrated with plot content, for example the Russian tale of the Cap vendor- Caps for sale- was integrated into a sort of lesson on different types and styles of occupational headgear. sometimes they would run cartoons, such as (Tom Terrific) which came on with idiot sound effects ( Bahp Punk- Bucketa Bucketa bucketa- BING! Tom Terrific. He ( Tom T,) wore a funnel on his head all the time. Bty the way Caps for sale, which is in a way anti-capitalistic, the busy cap vendor"s wares are stolen by monkeys, was originally written in the forties and was, as stated, Russian. I also recall the Indian-travelogue Cartoon ( Paddle to the Sea) though it struck me a little odd- and possibly suicidal what will this Indian do when he hits open water? Captain Kangaroo was indeed a juvenile variety show and ran a great variety of different types of entertainment.