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the executive branch can veto law made by the legislative branch, but the law can still be passed by a two-thirds majority vote by both houses in the legislative branch.

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Q: What branch can veto or reject a law made by another branch?
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What branch has the power to veto or reject laws?

the president can, and he is the head of the executive branch

What allows the executive branch to reject an act of Congress?


How does the legislative check the executive branch?

One check the legislative branch has on the executive branch is the power to overturn a veto issued by the President. Another check is the Senate's power to reject presidential nominations.

To veto means to?

To veto is to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body.

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways that the can reject a bill?

The veto and the pocket veto are two ways that the _____ can reject a bill

What is another word for did not approve?

disapprove, deplore, dislike, veto, reject

What is a check the president has on the powers of the legislative branch to reject or refuse to sign a bill from Congress?

The veto

What check does the president have on the power of the legislative branch?

The president can reject a proposed law through veto.

What ways the executive branch can check the legislature?

The President Can VETO (Reject) A bill That Congress had Voted On.

How is power evenly distributed within the government?

There are checks and balances within the three branch government. The checks and balances the Legislative Branch has are : they have to approve appointments of Supreme Court Justices. [JUDICIAL BRANCH] They can also override a veto. (a president can veto a bill which is a rejection to the law.) [EXECUTIVE BRANCH] The checks and balances of the Executive Branch are: can veto bills( reject a law ) [LEGISLATIVE BRANCH]. Can nominate Supreme Court Justices [JUDICIAL BRANCH]. The checks and balances of the Judicial Branch: can reject laws that are unconstitutional. [LEGISLATIVE BRANCH] can reject treaties that are unconstitutional.

In the United States what check does the president have on the power of the legislative branch?

The president can reject a proposed law with a veto.

What is an override of a veto?

to reject the vito which a vito a reject law or bill and only the president can veto

To reject a bill?


What is an example for checks and balences?

The executive branch can veto a law that the legislative branch made, but then congress could override the veto

Who can reject a bill using The veto and the pocket veto?


What is another word for nix?

No, Veto, Reject, Don't. depending on how it's used it just means no,

How can the governor reject a bill?


Is veto the same as reject?


What is the presidential word for reject?


What are two ways the president can reject a law?

veto and pocket veto

What is a veto bill?

the power or right vested in one branch of a government to cancel or postpone the decisions, enactments, etc., of another branch, especially the right of a president, governor, or other chief executive to reject bills passed by the legislature. Source:dictionary.con

Which branch of government can veto a bill?

The Executive branch (the President) has the power of veto. Though The Executive can veto bills, the Legislative branch can override a President's veto.

Which branch can veto legislation?

The executive branch has the power to veto legislation.

What branch of government can overide a veto?

The legislative branch can override a veto.

What is one way each branch can check another branch?

Congress can veto the President's decision on a bill.