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What brand of camera came first?

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2009-03-31 07:23:54

Cameras were originally hand-made by individual craftsman, often

to order, or by the person who intended to use them. One of the

earliest US brand-name sellers of cameras was E. Anthony, later E.

and H.T. Anthony, the first large scale seller of photographic

supplies in this country, but even Anthony had many of its cameras

made to order or imported, so the switch from craftsman-built to

brand name manufacturing was a gradual evolution. Anthony was also

to become the longest-lived seller of photographic goods. Anthony

eventually merged with Scovill, to become Anthony-Scovill, soon

shortened to Ansco, then Agfa-Ansco, which ultimately became

Agfa-Gevaert which, through that lineage, is the oldest

continuously operating photographic firm in the world.

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